Wednesday, September 1, 2021

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2021

Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I started this mix nice and early.  Working from home has been great in terms of giving me more time for projects like my music mixes and other projects so I was able to start this mix back in May and I finished up in June.  I was so far ahead of the game that when it came down to the artwork I decided it was time to actually draw something.  I came up with this idea of the Bride of Frankenstein holding the hand of a child "monster" like a mother early one morning and this is the resulting drawing.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I framed the original sketch so that I could put it up for Halloween.

This year's mix as per usual is a mix or music and trailers and movie clips.  I think I have more trailer clips than usual this year.  I think this also was the result of the pandemic and having more time on my hands to scout youtube for clips.  Tracks are listed on the artwork and again I am providing links to various formats for your listening pleasure. You can have the mix broken into 45 individual tracks or I have to files here that have everything in one big file.  You can choose between MP3 or the Apple iTunes format.  So Enjoy.

Happy Halloween!

Download here: SAP Music Halloween Mix (broken into 45 m4a tracks) 2021
Entire Mix in one MP3 track: SAP Music Halloween Mix 2021 MP3
Entire mix in one m4a track: SAP Music Halloween Mix 2021 m4a

Password - SAPMUSIC2021

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Freddie Jaye said...

As usual, looks like fun.Thanks!

Go She-Demons!