Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting Started

Wow, that was easy to set up.

Hello to whoever reads this. I've been reading and listening to music blogs for the past year. I spend a lot of time on the punk rock blogs and the ones with the odd and the strange. Much of the time I would be saying to myself where do they find the time to digitize all this vinyl. I wish I could do that, but I'll never be able to keep up with it. I get around to digitizing vinyl only every few months. Sometimes it is LP's and sometimes it is a bunch of 7 inches. Then I realized I don't have to be as diligent as some of those other blogs. Maybe I only post once a week. Then I also figured that I've probably digitized enough interesting vinyl over the past few years that even if I didn't digitize anything for a year I could probably not run out.

So I finally thought I'd look into seeing what I needed to do to get started. This is the first step. I still have to figure out how to upload and what the format is going to be. Chances are it is just going to be whatever comes to mind. I think that will be okay, since some of my favorite blogs do the same thing.

So hopefully the next time I post I will have figured out how to upload and where I can store files and all that and I'll have some music for you.