Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bar-Kays - Stuck By You 12" - 1989

I'm really feeling guilty about how much I've been neglecting this blog. I'm so glad for all the digitizing I did last summer in prep for these busy times. Now I just need to remember to take a few minutes every now and again to write something up. I try to do it every few days, but lately few days have been turning into once a week. I apologize.

On tap for today are Bar-Kays. Can't remember where I found this 12". The cover is pretty beaten up, but the record sounds pretty clean. This is some good 80's R&B/Electro Funk. Has a little bit of a Cameo feel to it. I don't personally remember the song. I was into different music in 1989, but I enjoy giving this a spin every once in while these days.


01 Struck By You (12_ Mix).m4a
02 Struck By You (Dub Mix).m4a
03 Struck By You (7_ Mix).m4a
04 Struck By You (A Capella).m4a
05 Your Place Or Mine.m4a

Friday, February 20, 2009

E.G. Daily - Mind Over Matter 12" - 1987

I don't know what it is, but I'm a big fan of E.G. Daily. If you're a child of the 90's or the new millennium you probably don't know her face or who she is. However you would probably know her voice. She does a lot of voice over work and is probably most notably recognized as the voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats. E.G. Daily however was in a bunch of films in the 80's and had a little bit of a music career to boot. Now to be fair, she's still recording and even had a dance track playing in clubs just this last year. If you are a child of the 80's and grew up then like me then you may recognize her from Valley Girl or Pee Wee's Big Adventure. She was Dottie. She was also in Loverboy and a long forgotten B horror called One Dark Night. I think it may have also been called something like Night in a Mausoleum or something like that. It was PG or PG 13 and basically was about a bunch of teens in a mausoleum and the dead come to life. It however was done on the cheap and because of the rating is pretty tame. Even as a kid I thought it was cheesy, but I still saw it a couple times in the theater and would watch it on cable. Anyways she's in that too.

But back to her singing. In my opinion the best E.G. Daily songs are in the movie Better Off Dead where she is singing at the dance. The song "One Way Love (Better Off Dead)" is great. I wish I had that soundtrack. If anyone has a copy I'd love to get a copy. In the mean time I just have to enjoy the song when I watch the DVD.

That isn't the case with this song. Not only do I not own the the DVD to Summer School with Mark Harmon, but I don't think I've ever seen it. I do remember the movie, I've just never suffered through it. That movie is of course from whence this track came. I can however put on this twelve inch, which I really enjoy. I found this in a cheap record bin at a local record store this last year. I had never heard of the song or even know she sang in Summer School, but because I just love E.G. Daily I picked up the record. I've never regretted it.


01 Mind Over Matter (Remix).m4a
02 Mind Over Matter (Edit).m4a

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl 7" - 1985

If memory serves me correct, this song may be the most responsible for bringing the term "fly" into the mainstream. You may argue the Beastie Boys did it, but this was from the year before, so I'm giving The Boogie Boys credit. Sure it was around before, but this song really hit the main steam and then network television writers started putting it in dialog to sound hip and street. It's funny how the moment street slang hits the ears of TV writers they popularize it and therefore make it unstreet. I think I purposely avoided the term after this song for that very reason. Now however who cares. I say use "fly" as much as possible. In fact I'd say this song is fly. And if you can't handle the very 80's rap, then just listen to the dub.


01 A Fly Girl (Edit).m4a
02 A Fly Girl (Dub).m4a

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Have You Been Doing?

The posting has suffered greatly and I apologize. I mentioned before that I started Team SAP Facebook group. It has been taking a lot of time scanning photos and digitizing videos. I've only gotten a few videos done and I'm sure most people who read this could care less about them. I mean, you aren't going to know any of these kids from the 80's. However, I thought I'd share a little with you anyways so you can see what the fuss is all about. This is just one clip that lasts a couple songs in length. The band is Firehose if anyone is wondering. So this was me, my friends and perhaps some just skate acquaintences from back in the day. I cut all these videos just going VCR to VCR so the editing is prettty sketchy and the tapes are old and glitchy. Still it is a little piece of history my friends are enjoying this week and I thought I'd share.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Agression - Don't Be Mistaken - 1983

Sorry I've been absent for like a week. I've been busy with a new venture relating to my old skateboard team, Team SAP. Yes, that is where the name comes from. I've been doing a lot of scanning or artwork and photos and setting up some things on facebook. Anyways, all that nostalgia for skating in the 80's prompted me to post something kind of related.

Agression was a skate punk band from the 80's. Really, just every song on this record blazes and still holds up great. If you are too young to remember any of these days, and all you know are the highly publicized hard core bands from the time, they I highly recommend checking these guys out. You don't see a lot of Agression shirts at Red Zone or Hot Topic, but these guy deserve to be remembered just the same.


01 It Can Happen.m4a
02 Brain Bondage.m4a
03 Non Person.m4a
04 Body Count.m4a
05 Money Machine.m4a
06 No Mercy.m4a
07 Don't Be Mistaken.m4a
08 Intense Energy.m4a
09 S.A.T.C..m4a
10 Locals Only.m4a
11 Insomnia.m4a
12 Secret Sex.m4a
13 Stop This Clock.m4a
14 Cat Killer.m4a

And the whole thing here. Agression - Don't Be

P.S. if you have any interest in checking out what Team SAP was all about or even just the artwork come check out the Team SAP facebook group.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tripping In Love

This is a collection of songs that explore the ups and downs of love. I put this together a couple years ago and thought it would make a nice companion piece to the Valentine mix. I highly recommend listening to this in order from start to finish. There is a thematic narrative intended following the early stages of love and then all the motions and troubles that follow.

Again I am leaving the track listings a mystery to be unfolded by those who download the mix. Since some of the artists are more well known I am trying to avoid people searching out specific artists and causing me problems. This way this page shouldn't come up on any search engines and only the faithful readers are rewarded with this fine mix.

Here are all the tracks in one zip file. This isn't a podcast, but is an actual play list of songs.

Tripping In

Sunday, February 1, 2009

SAP Music Valentine Mix 2009

Thought I'd start off February but throwing together a mix for Valentine's Day. The exact tracks I'll leave for a surprise. I will say that some of the songs are obvious choices and not obscure at all. They're the kinds of songs you've probably heard on other love themed mixes. However, I think I might have included a few songs that aren't so obvious and could possibly be new to you.

For those few people who know some of my previous mixes I aplogize for repeating myself with songs and artists on this mix. Those who are new to my mixes and only know me through the blog, then this should be new to you.

So get your self in the romantic mood by throwing this on your ipod. If you're one of those people who hates Valentine's Day or just got out of a bad relationship or basically feel like love has given you a bum steer, then check back soon. I have a mix I put together about a year and a half ago that revolves around the good and the bad aspects of love and relationships. It is a bit more melancholy and depressing at times, but hey that's the way love is sometimes. Until then, enjoy the happy aspects with this mix.


SAP Music - Valentine Mix 2009.m4a - As a podcast


All the tracks in one zip file - SAP Music Valentine Mix