Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lock/Jaw EP Release Show @ Backside Records - 08.26.11

Last night my son had a EP release show at the local record store in downtown Burbank. They played the songs from their EP, a few covers and a few other numbers. They played about 30 minutes and had did really well. Here are a few select photos from the show of the band and the people who came to see them. Not sure if I can use the word fan yet for them. You can find more at this Flickr Set. Also you can check out their tracks below. If you like them, why not support the band and download the EP? It's just 3 bucks.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hobbit - 1977

Having a bit of a rough day. Thought that maybe by giving something back to the world I might feel a little better. This record set is basically the entire soundtrack to the animated movie The Hobbit. If you haven't heard it in a while it is a real treat and a blast from the past. So put it on and take yourself on the greatest adventure.


01 The Hobbit side 1.m4a
02 The Hobbit side 2.m4a
03 The Hobbit side 3.m4a
04 The Hobbit side 4.m4a