Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snoopy and His Friends The Royal Guardsmen - 1967

I've wanted this record for a long time.  I saw it a few years back in a records store, but I didn't have the money to buy it.  I found it again this past record store day.  Side one is great because it has the original Snoopy vs the Red Baron and Snoopy's Christmas, which I already had on record.  It also has The Return of the Red Baron, which I had never heard before, but is just as good as the other two.  Side two has all songs that were new to me.  These are a little more straight forward pop songs, but as you can tell from the titles they can be related to Snoopy.  A song like Behind Enemy Lines works as a song on this Snoopy record, but is also works as a song on its own.  Click the image to read the track listings.  The image should be clear enough.

I'll have a link up for a while.  The password is "sapmusic2013".

If I take the link down, just e-mail me and I'll see if I can hook you up.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alberto Vazquez - El Estilo Ranchero De Alberto Vazquez Vol. 2

Here is a little something for Cinco de Mayo.  It is a beaten up record, but I think it might get you into the spirit of the festivities.  I digitized this record long before I had Click Repair and I haven't gone back to clean it up.  It is listenable, thought.

I can't tell you much about Elberto Vazquez other than he sang Ranchero music and apparently is popular enough to warrant a second volume of tunes.  The first track is one of my favorites and I think will liven up any Cinco de Mayo party.  How could it not?  It is called "Viva Mexico."  I also really like track 7 "Ay! Jalisco No Te Rajes."  I don't speak any Spanish, but the song sounds like a celebratory song, an eating or drinking song perhaps?  I have no idea really.  I just think it sounds like another good Cinco de Mayo song.  I'm probably way off and it may be completely inappropriate.  Give it a listen and you decide.


01 Viva Mexico
02 La Embarcacion
03 Por Un Amor
04 La Carcel De Cananea
05 Brindo Por Ella
06 Traigo Un Amor
07 Ay! Jalisco No Te Rajes
08 Que Manera De Perder
09 Anillo De Compromiso
10 Corrido De Chihuahua
11 Psicosis
12 No Volvere

El Estilo Ranchero De Alberto Vazquez Vol. 2

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Cure - Rare 12" Versions - 2007

I bought this album a few years back.  It was an impulse buy on a visit to Amoeba Records.  By that I mean I did not go there to buy the record, but when I saw it I had to pick it up.  There are some good remixes on this record that I had never heard before.  I have a feeling the record isn't in print anymore because I see it going for quite a few bucks on ebay.  I guessing that means that it is out of print.

Another thing I think I am going to do is now post any direct link to download, because it is The Cure.  By that I mean, they are mainstream enough and have the backing of a big label so I think posting a link will just invite trouble.  However as always, if you are really interested in listening to the tracks, drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do about sharing the music with you.  In the mean time you can enjoy the album artwork.  Below is the track listing.


01 Closer To Me (Closer Mix)
02 Love Cats (Extended 12" Version)
03 Why Can't I Be You (FK Mix)
04 Boys Don't Cry (New Voice Club Version)
05 Lullaby (Extended 12" Version)
06 Hot Hot Hot (Extended Mix)
07 Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix)
08 The Walk (Everything Mix)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Music City Orchestra & Tom Walls - The Stripper B/W Speedy Gonzales 7-Inch - 1962

This is one of the records I picked up on Record Store Day.  I knew The Stripper by David Rose and I have the David Rose records, so it wasn't like I needed a new version of the striptease classic.  However the B-side Speedy Gonzalez sounded like it might be a little treasure of a track.  I was so happy when I dropped the needle and discovered a really fun song.  I'll be honest the song has become one of the ear worms drilling into my head over the past few weeks.  If you've never heard it before, I recommend giving it a listen.



The Stripper B/W Speedy Gonzales 7-Inch
Password: sapmusic2013