Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alberto Vazquez - El Estilo Ranchero De Alberto Vazquez Vol. 2

Here is a little something for Cinco de Mayo.  It is a beaten up record, but I think it might get you into the spirit of the festivities.  I digitized this record long before I had Click Repair and I haven't gone back to clean it up.  It is listenable, thought.

I can't tell you much about Elberto Vazquez other than he sang Ranchero music and apparently is popular enough to warrant a second volume of tunes.  The first track is one of my favorites and I think will liven up any Cinco de Mayo party.  How could it not?  It is called "Viva Mexico."  I also really like track 7 "Ay! Jalisco No Te Rajes."  I don't speak any Spanish, but the song sounds like a celebratory song, an eating or drinking song perhaps?  I have no idea really.  I just think it sounds like another good Cinco de Mayo song.  I'm probably way off and it may be completely inappropriate.  Give it a listen and you decide.


01 Viva Mexico
02 La Embarcacion
03 Por Un Amor
04 La Carcel De Cananea
05 Brindo Por Ella
06 Traigo Un Amor
07 Ay! Jalisco No Te Rajes
08 Que Manera De Perder
09 Anillo De Compromiso
10 Corrido De Chihuahua
11 Psicosis
12 No Volvere

El Estilo Ranchero De Alberto Vazquez Vol. 2

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Matracas said...

Alberto Vazquez is an extremely popular Mexican singer who's hey-day was during the 60's Mexican Garage Rock era; he was even considered by many the Mexican Elvis Presley and his feature was that he was always holding a lit cigarette & smoked while performing. I guess the record label tried to expand Alberto´s audience by having him record Ranchera music.