Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bob City - Swamp Buggy Racin' 7" - 1998

This is one of the 7" records I picked up last year at Amoeba in a 50 cent bin. I think I bought about 20 records that I knew nothing about. I've been taking my sweet time getting them ready for the blog. This big hold up is scanning the artwork. Anyway, I got nudged yesterday to get to posting something again, because it had been so long. Time flies. Work has been very busy. So I pulled this out today.

Still don't know much about Bob City, but I do think "Swamp Buggy Racin'" is a good rocker of a song. Give it a listen and I think you'll be singing along with the easy to remember chorus "swamp buggy racin'". "Dead Man" is not too bad either.

Hopefully this will tide


As a bonus I looked up some Swamp Buggy racing footage on youtube.