Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jan Davis - Flamenco Funk - 1969

This morning I ventured off to Van Nuys Blvd in search of things of which to take pictures. The street has lots of flavor and there were a few interesting things to shoot. There are also several thrift stores and I thought I would check one out to see what the record selection was like. Because it is a different demographic than Burbank I wondered if I would find some different records. Boy was I in luck. This store had hundreds of hip-hop records from about 10-13 years ago. Clearly a DJ dumped his entire collection in there. I picked up a bunch of records that will eventually make it here. However this record made this list for the first record to digitize. The moment I heard the opening track of Walk Don't Run done with a Flamenco guitar I knew this was going to be the first record up. The whole record is an interesting mix of jazz and funk mixed with Flamenco guitar. You don't hear that every day. On the liner note on the back of the jacket the write writes, "If you think that doing the Frug, Jerk, Watusi or Pony to flamenco guitar music sounds utterly ridiculous; a few weeks ago I would have agreed. Not so anymore." So yes this is a one of a kind type of thing. So hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I do want to apologize that there is a low frequency hum on the rip. I may re-rip it. After getting this all up and done I think I figured out what the problem was with my stereo. In the mean time...


01 Walk Don't Run (Flemenco)
02 Aquarius
03 Muddy River
04 Flamenco Therapy
05 The Bullfight Song (La Virgen De La Macarenas)
06 International Love Process
07 Flamenco Funk
08 In The Year 2325
09 Flamenco Soul
10 Funky Concerto

Jan Davis - Flamenco

Addendum: Here are the re-ripped tracks without the hum.

Jan Davis - Flamenco Funk -

SAP Music Summer Mix 2011

Finally got around to throwing together a little something for the summer. Sure summer is almost over, but I figured I had to do something before I start into the Halloween mix. The other thing about this mix is that I did really throw this together. There is not a lot of fancy mixing and samples. There are a few edits and some cross fades, but that is pretty much it. As per usual the variety is wide. See the track listing for details. I hope it is enjoyable for you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain Kangaroo - Just So Stories - 1972

Wow, time flies again. This summer is just whizzing by and I haven't posted anything on this blog in weeks and weeks. To be honest I have been focusing a lot of my free time and energy into making at least one photo each day on my Something I Saw Today blog. I don't see that letting up any time soon. I have been having a blast and I'm really hoping I can do it consistently for a year. Still I will try and post something hear when I can.

Today's record is pretty hammered, but it has some fun stuff. I took my stab at breaking everything up into tracks so that you can skip ahead if you'd like. I'm sure this is going to bring back some good memories for a lot of people. I just barely remember watching the Captain as a kid. I don't really remember any specifics, but I remember that I loved him and that I tried to watch him when I could. I also have memories of good feelings. Listening the his records makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. He's just got one of those voices and personalities. Hope this does that for you as well.


01 How The Elephant Got His Trunk (Part 1).m4a
02 A Hundred Thousand Whys.m4a
03 How The Elephant Got His Trunk (Part 2).m4a
04 My Favorite Dishes.m4a
05 How The Elephant Got His Trunk (Part 3).m4a
05 How The Elephant Got His Trunk (Part 4).m4a
06 The Elephant's Trunk.m4a
08 How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin (Part 1).m4a
09 To Bake A Cake.m4a
10 How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin (Part 2).m4a
11 Under My Skin.m4a
12 How The Camel Got His Hump (Part 1).m4a
13 The World Is New.m4a
14 How The Camel Got His Hump (Part 2).m4a
15 A Little Book.m4a
16 How The Camel Got His Hump (Part 3).m4a
17 The World Is New (reprise).m4a
18 How The Kangaroo Got His Leg (Part 1).m4a
19 This Beautiful Creature.m4a
20 How The Kangaroo Got His Leg (Part 2).m4a
21 Kangaroo Run.m4a
22 How The Kangaroo Got His Leg (Part 3).m4a
23 Just So.m4a

Captain Kangaroo - Just So Stories Side
Captain Kangaroo - Just So Stories Side