Sunday, May 23, 2010

Johnny Kay - Italian Sing Along

I'm not really sure who Johnny Kay as or is. My basic google search just turns up Johnny Kay singer for Steppenwolf and this certainly isn't him.

I picked up this record because I like a bunch of the Italian songs on this record. I have to admit that every song on here that you may know from Dean Marin or Al Martino or some other Italian American singer is probably superior to the versions on this record. However the songs aren't offensive. They can set the mood for an Italian evening and provide a little variety to hearing the same versions time and time again.


01 Volare.m4a
02 Mamma Mua Che Vo Sape.m4a
03 Diciten Cello Vuie.m4a
04 Funiculi Funicula.m4a
05 Serenade Of Roses.m4a
06 Siciliani.m4a
07 Lolita.m4a
08 That's Amore.m4a
09 La Cancion D'Amore.m4a
10 Chiribiribin.m4a
11 Drigo Serenade.m4a
12 Toselli's Serenade.m4a

Johnny Kay - Italian Sing

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Converge with Gaza and Coalesce At Chain Reaction 05.17.10

Monday night I went and saw the band Converge at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California. The drive was worth it. They were going to play the following night in Hollywood a little closer to home at the El Rey theater, but I'm glad I went to Chain Reaction which was smaller and more intimate. It made for some nice photos. Opening that night were Nails (which I missed), Black Breath who were cool, but I arrived in the middle of their set and didn't get any photos. I did however get lots of photos of Gaza and then Coalesce. Here are a few and if you want to see more you can check out the full batch or the selects.