Monday, October 1, 2012

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2012

Here it is.  This year's Halloween mix.  It's the usual mix of songs, movie scores, movie clips etc.  I had a lot of fun this year mixing in quite a bit more score than usual I think.  I also had the opportunity to record some original narration with Bill Oberst Jr. whose face also graces the cover of the mix this year.  I did a little interlude about half way through the mix with Bill narrating in the voice of a character he created named Lord Bateman.  I think it is kind of creepy.

There are also a few kind of originals again this year.  There are two tracks that exist only here, consisting of some beats/loops mashed up with movie clips into what is hopefully a few enjoyable and creepy Halloween tracks that I previewed on the blog a few weeks back.  Hope you like them.

The track listing can be seen in the images I'm posting.  If anyone has any questions about what really went into some of the tracks, just ask.  There are often more layers than what are listed.  It would take too much space to list everything that went into some of these tracks.  So turn down the lights and get out your jack-o-lanterns and listen to this year's mix.


Mix is here

Artwork for a CD case is here.