Monday, May 23, 2011

SAP Music Too Much Stress Mix 2011

I finally got around to making some art and breaking up the tracks for this mix. I've been collecting these songs for a long time, throwing them in a folder whenever something grabbed me. There are a few that I threw in last minute, though. The whole thing came together in a Sunday afternoon. What that really means is that it doesn't get too fancy. A few edits here and there, some cross fades and bang its done.

The inspiration for this mix was music to listen to when life or people are driving you up the wall. You want to just scream. Sometimes having some lyrics and a song to scream can be good therapy. Sometimes just playing a few of these songs really loud will help. Maybe your boss is driving you crazy. Maybe you job feels like it is going nowhere. Maybe your love life has everything but love and you just want out. Whatever the case may be I think these songs may speak to you.

A little warning is that unlike most of my mixes, this one isn't family friendly. There are a few spicy sentence enhancers as Spongebob would say. So you may want to refrain from playing in this in the car on a family roadtrip. This is more of a mix to play when you're alone, stuck in traffic, heading to or from work.

As per usual with these mixes, I'm not typing up the playlist. Just click on the image with the track listing to find out what is on the mix.

I'd also like to take a sentence or two to plug my new photo blog Something I Saw Today. I just started it a couple days ago. The quick story is I got a new camera and I'm having a blast taking photos. So I thought I'd challenge myself to shoot at least one photo everyday. So I started a blog which I'm hoping will help me keep up the discipline. I say that, but so far it has been easy because it has been the weekend and I had a day off from work. We'll see if I can keep it up. Anyways, give it a look. Like I said, it is just photos. Hopefully interesting photos on some level.

Something I Saw Today


Monday, May 16, 2011

Only The Strong 7" EP - 1990

It's been a while again. Busy at work, which is usually the case when I'm not posting.

I've also been working on a new mix which I should unveil on the blog soon. Need to do some artwork and break up the tracks.

I've also been getting take down notices, which has been driving me crazy. Sometimes I just shake my head. I'm wondering who is worried about some 12" record from the 80's which is clearly out of print. Why is some record company worried about it. I just don't get it.

Anyway, here is something from a completely different world. Independent punk rock from the heartland. No corporate crap with this. Just straight up blistering hard core punk. Clinch your fist and get ready to scream. This is one hundred percent adolescent testosterone.



01 Essence - Life Cycle.m4a
02 Someday - Face Value.m4a
03 Silent Shore - Insight.m4a
04 One Life Drug Free - Confront.m4a
05 Final Word - Meanstreak.m4a
06 Darkness - Integrity.m4a

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miguel Aceves Mejia - El Gallo Colorado

A little something for Cinco de Mayo. You gotta love a record with a cock fight on the cover. 'Nuff said.


01 La Malaguena.m4a
02 Ni El Dinero Ni Nadie.m4a
03 Adorado Tormento.m4a
04 El Gallo Colorado.m4a
05 Homenaje A Pedro Infante.m4a
06 Eso Merece Un Trago.m4a
07 Fiesta En El Corazon.m4a
08 Amor Se Dice Cantando.m4a
09 La Cecilia.m4a
10 Esta Sellado.m4a
11 Prieta Linda.m4a
12 La Espiga.m4a

Miguel Aceves Mejia - El Gallo