Friday, November 25, 2016

SAP Music Christmas Mix 2016

It is Christmas time and that means Christmas music.  Start annoying your coworkers with this years selection of yuletide ditties.  Or keep the holiday cheer to yourself within the privacy of your own headphones.  In preparing for this year's mix I've been in the Christmas music zone since September, when I started digitizing some of this year's record purchases.  This year I didn't keep a strict vinyl only rule.  It was back to the old eclectic mix of grabbing music from all sorts of sources, CDs, digital files, records, youtube, etc.  Tracks as always are listed on the artwork so you can take a quick peak at what lies in store.  Enjoy!

Download here: SAP Music Christmas Mix 2016

Password - sapmusic2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2016

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  I know it isn't Halloween yet, but it is October and in my book that means it is Halloween.  So get yourself in the mood with this year's collection of spooky tunes.  Enjoy!

Download here: SAP Music Halloween Mix 2016

Password - SAPMUSIC2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

SAP Music Summer Mix 2016

This Spring has been very busy and I wasn't even sure if things would ever let up enough for me to throw together a mix for the summer.  Well things did die down this weekend and so I combed through a bunch of the music I've been listening to recently.  You'll notice a heavy emphasis on soundtracks.  Maybe this will turn some people onto some new artists.  Enjoy!

Download here: SAP Summer Mix Mix 2016

Password - sapmusic2016