Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cure - Why Can't I Be You 7"

Today's posting is a cheat. I'll admit it right up front. Instead of digitizing these from the 45 I pulled these from on of my "Join The Dots" CD's. That's a bonus for you because the quality will of course be great. Don't get too excited I don't plan on making a habit of it. It just seemed to work out this way for this post.

At this point in my life I have no real reason to be buying Cure singles. I have just about everything they've ever recorded on CD. So why did I buy this record a couple years ago when I came across it. Because I'm a geeky fan of The Cure. There is really no other reason. I think in the back of my mind I knew that one day I'd be doing something like this and I'd want to share the scan of the record sleeve and show the world that I love The Cure. So there it is plain and simple. I love The Cure and I like sharing that with the world. These two songs are great. Nothing much more really needs to be said at this point.


01 Why Can't I Be You_.m4a
02 A Japanese Dream.m4a

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lesley Gore - It's My Party 7"

Since my first Lesley Gore post went so well I thought I'd post my one and only other record of hers that I own. This is the one everyone will know of course. There is good reason for that. The song is just straight up good.

Again there is the great Quincy Jones production that can't be overlooked or underestimated and then of course the fabulous Lesley Gore. You listen to her sing and you're like, "you're dam right she can cry if she wants to". You know you're not going to win in an argument with her.

"She's A Fool" while maybe not quite as well known is another perfect pop song. It has this great back up chorus where I swear the men are singing "Shag-a-doo-la". I don't know what that means or if that is really what they are sining, but it sure is fun and catchy. The song fits in with the any of the other Lesley Gore classics. She sings about some girl who has the boy she likes and the girl doesn't love him like she does. She says, "She has his love but treats him cruel". As the song goes on it becomes clear that she is happy the girl is a fool. She is happy that she is cheating on the guy because she knows one day he'll find out and turn to her.

I know there is gonna come a day he will tell her, "Girl, be on your way.". Maybe then he'll turn to me, Then how happy I will be that...
She's a fool.

That is kind of a funny message, that I think is actually an accurate reflection of the teenage mind. She doesn't care that the guy is going to get his heart broke or that he's going to be made a fool. All she cares about is that in the end he'll be hers. I'd like to add that I don't think that is gender specific. I think teenage boys' minds work on about the same level.

So give these a listen, once for their pure pop splendidness and then again to pick up on the interesting story telling or the lyrics.


01 It's My Party.mp3
02 She's A Fool.mp3

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Edmundo Ros - Hollywood Cha Cha Cha

Everything I read about Edmundo Ros declares him the king of Latin music in the UK for "The Greatest Generation". I don't know enough about what kind of competition he had to get that title, but after hearing the music it seems deserved. What do I know. I do know that before getting this record I had come across Edmundo on some of my lounge music CD collections. Just about every track here could fit onto some Latin lounge collection. The songs are wall pretty well known themes from Hollywood movies re-intepreted with Edmundo's Latin flare. There are interesting and odd percussion instruments peppered throughout the compositions. The album truly is a joy to listen to on a big stereo where you can hear how he and the producers took full advantage of the new stereo technology.

The opening song is great. It has a wide range of instruments and has a fun "cha cha cha" male chorus. Toward the end some funny little instrument comes in that sounds like some kind of little mouth organ or something. It makes the Moulin Rouge Theme sound like it is a Popeye the Sailor tune. if anyone knows what that is let me know.

"As Time Goes By" is another really good one in my book. It takes this nostalgic, sentimental song and has fun with it. Like many of the other songs there is some fun cowbell action going on. I just find it particularly entertaining to hear it in the context of this song which is so strongly related to "Casablanca".

The "Third Man Theme" is another one that I've been playing a lot recently. It has this fun organ thing happening that reminds me of the Adams Family. That to me is a nice flavoring to add to this already fun song. The "Third Man Theme" is one of those touch stone songs. I think it is a really fun song and when I see it on a record I get excited. it is one of those songs that is hard to mess up.

As a whole the record is nice to throw on for a quiet evening at home. It sets the mood quite nice. It truly is an "easy listening" record if there ever was one.


01 The Moulin Rouge Theme.m4a
02 It's Magic.m4a
03 Tammy.m4a
04 Theme From _Picnic__Moonglow.m4a
05 Third Man Theme (The Harry Lime Theme).m4a
06 Around The World.m4a
07 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.m4a
08 As Time Goes By.m4a
09 High Noon.m4a
10 Fascination.m4a
11 Three Coins In The Fountain.m4a
12 True Love.m4a

The whole thing here.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The 5. 6. 7. 8's - Woo Hoo 7"

I almost feel dirty posting this one, because the the A-Side is so well known and overused these days being featured on TV commercials and of course "Kill Bill", but the record is sooooo tasty that I can overcome that unclean feeling. These two songs are the kinds of songs that when you hear them you first want to just dance around the room. The second thing you want to do is tell everyone you know about the songs.

For anyone that only knows The's from the references I mentioned above I highly recommend seeking them out. Their music is all cut from this same Japanese rock and roll cloth, fun, full over energy, and Japanese accents that make some of the lyrics almost impossible to understand. They always sound like they're having a great time playing these songs. There are a true celebration of the rave up garage rock genre.

So kick off your shoes, and get ready to dance to the rockin' and rollin' of The's.


01 Woo Hoo.mp3
02 Guitar Date.mp3

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jack Guthrie - Oklahoma Hills/Oakie Boogie 7"

Here's another record from my now infamous country music find from a few years back. I also purchased the 78 of this same record at the same time.

This is good old country music and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. These songs are from the 40's. I don't know when this record was pressed, but I'm guessing that it was back in the 50's or 60's.

This is simple hillbilly type music, with some western swing thrown in for good measure. The first "Oklahoma Hills" swings well and good, but "Oakie Boogie" is the one that will cause you to burn up the rug. It's got a great pep to it. The fiddle work is great. The lyric delivery is awesome. This has got to be one of my favorite country records of all time and chances are pretty good that this one is going to be new to you.

Jack Guthrie was a cousin to Woody Guthrie, but from what I've read, Jack was far more successful commercially than Woody ever was. Judging by these couple songs I an see why. There's nothing controversial here, just plain old shoe shufflin' fun.

Jack grew up in the Texas/Oklahoma area which explains these songs. He's from the school of cowboy country music like Jimmie Rogers and Gene Autry. Some stories say that Gene taught Jack how to play guitar.

"Oklahoma Hills" was a hit for Jack. In fact it was his first hit. It was the song that got him a record contract with Capitol records. The song was originally penned by Woody. Jack made some changes to the song and recorded it. Jack's version is the one that became the most famous. Read more about Jack and "Oklahoma Hills" here.

So find a dance partner, clear out your living room and put on "Oakie Boogie" and enjoy 2 and a half minutes of dancing glee.


01 Oklahoma Hills.mp3
02 Oakie Boogie.mp3

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sergio Franchi - Live At the Cocoanut Grove

This is hands down my favorite Sergio Franchi record. Yes i have others. I love this record so much because of it's live aspect. I love the chit chat between the songs. I love his stories and his accent. I think it really captures who Sergio was even better than any of his studio recordings. Now, his studio recordings aren't bad. Some are better than others, but the ones that are good really are good. They're just not as good as this record in my opinion.

My favorite bit on the record is the opening of side 2, "The Gypsies (Les Gitans)". Sergio tells a little story about what the song is about. He sounds like Father Guido Sarducci by the way here. He tells this quiet love story and then the song kicks in like gang busters. I mean it really catches you off guard the way this thing attacks you. Then he starts belting out these Italian lyrics and I'm saying to myself "Yeah. Yeah. Go Sergio". It's like the gun was sounded and the race has begun. The song works it's way back to a quiet intimate vibe in the middle and just when you are lulled into a state of calm that opening refrain comes back to smack you upside the head. The song is that visceral. If you listen to any song listen to that one.

There are plenty of other great tracks to sample here as well. One of the staples of these live club records of the time are the medleys. This one has a pretty good one to open the record. In general I love the idea of these kinds of medleys that appeared on these kinds of records. You get just a sample of each song. Usually the songs are all good, and that is why they are chosen. Many times there are interesting transitions and arrangements. The "Hootenanny Medley" is also very good. I love the way he pronounces Hootenanny. The medley is of some very recognizable Italian songs. Give it a try.

While Lou Monte is fun to listen to because he has a sense of humor to his songs, Sergio is completely different. He's a serious tenor. He sings with drama and emotion. His voice can send shivers down your back. I like that about him. When you listen to Lou Monte you feel like you are listening to an Italian American. Images of little Italy in New York or Chicago come to mind. When you listen to Sergio Franchi you hear an Italian, plain and simple. He's the genuine article and can really set the mood for an nice romantic evening with a home cooked Italian meal.

Another highlight for me is "Quando Quando Quando". Again it has the great spoken intro explaining the song and then the song itself is great. It's sung mostly in Italian and has a jazzy, but simple accompaniment. It really feels like your are in a little lounge or dinner club. An interesting side note is that when Jake and Elwood Blues go looking for Murph and the Magic Tones at the Hollyday Inn, they are playing this song and ole Murph is murdering the lyrics. True story.

Also Sergio sings a version of the old standard "Chicago", but in Italian which provides a nice twist. Let's face it Sinatra owns that song and anyone trying to sing it will pale in comparison to him, but singing it in Italian helps you get away from the comparison. The song becomes Sergio's and stands on its own.

He then follows up Frank's standard with Tony Bennett's standard "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". Again the Italian makes it something new and quite beautiful. It also has some tap dance interlude that is interesting if not a little weird. Actually I'm not sure if it is tap dancing or some other rhythmic thing, but whatever it is, it is different.

The rest of the album is also a great listen. Each song works great right into the next. This is definitely one you can put on and listen from start to finish and have a very enjoyable evening.


01 Opening Medley.mp3
02 Dicitencello vuie.mp3
03 A Woman In Love.mp3
04 Quando - Quando - Quando.mp3
05 Stella By Starlight.mp3
06 Hootenanny Medley.mp3
07 The Gypsies (Les Gitans).mp3
08 I Wish You Love.mp3
09 In The Still Of The Night.mp3
10 E Lucevan le Stell.mp3
11 Chicago.mp3
12 I Left My Heart In San Francisco.mp3
13 Core 'ngrato.mp3

The whole thing here. Sergio

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Supersucker/Zeke Split 7"

I can't say enough about the Supersuckers. They truly are the greatest rock and roll band recording and playing music today. I mean no one even comes close when it comes to straight ahead rock and roll.

I'm very excited that they are coming to Southern California this next month. I've got my tickets and I'm very excited to bring my son. A few years ago we saw Eddie Spaghetti do his acoustic show in front of Social Distortion, but since then he hasn't had a chance to see the full blown Supersuckers rock and roll show. Everytime they play it is a 21 and up show and I end up going with my wife. It is funny because just the day before the show was announced my son told me he was going to e-mail The Supersuckers to ask them to play an all ages show in LA. The very next day the show was announced and I told him he didn't need to write.

So if you live in southern California I suggest getting tickets to their House Of Blues show and treating yourself to an amazing night of rock and roll. Also if you ever have the chance to catch their country show, jump at the chance. I did while back and it was in my opinion even better than the rock show which was pretty stellar.

If you don't know the Supersuckers, this record is a good introduction to their power and writing prowess. I wouldn't say this is their best song, but it is strong still. So hopefully after you hear this you'll seek out the rest of their recordings. By the way this band falls into the category of bands that do great covers. If you get their "Devils Food" LP you'll find a great cover of Jerry Reed's "Eastbound and Down". I believe I've already written once on my love of that song and seeing that they covered the song was one of the early indicators to me that Eddie and company were great.

Zeke is also strong. I don't know as much about them. I do know that a lot of bands I like love them and respect them. I like what I've heard and this song is pretty decent.

01 Gato Negro.m4a
02 Chinatown.m4a

Monday, March 24, 2008

Frank Ifield - The Best Of Frank Ifield

I can't even remember where or when I got this record. I can say I got it within the last year and that it has been sitting in a stack of records to listen to for quite some time. I finally got around to the record and was soooooo happy that I had bought it whenever that was. I love this record. I love it because it is like nothing else I own or have ever heard. Without even reading the album liner notes or my subsequent research on the internet I knew Frank Ifield was different. What I came to learn is that differentness is because he is a British singer who loved country western music. So the songs are all country and cowboy songs, but they really aren't. They are filtered through a British artist which pretty much takes out any authenticity. Sure he keeps the yodeling voice, but he never really sounds like a cowboy on the trail. The closest thing I have to compare this too are some of the "country" songs Burt Bacharach did and I use that term "country" very loosely in that sentence.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about is on "Lovesick Blues" a classic country song. The lyrics are there, the melody is there, the voice yodeling effect is there, but it all seems just a little milk toasted out. There is also a funny orchestration behind it that is closer to some easy listening go-go music than it is too country. It kind of reminds me of some incidental music on "The Beverly Hillbillies" and I mean that not in any good sense when talking about it being country. On the other hand sounding like something from the "Beverly Hillbillies" is good if you are looking for something quirky and different. That is how I judge all this music by Frank Ifield.

So give it a listen and imagine yourself in sort of a country music twilight zone where things are the same, but different.


01 Hey Joe.m4a
02 I Remember You.m4a
03 Lovesick Blues.m4a
04 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.m4a
05 Hoebe Snow.m4a
06 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold.m4a
07 Love Song Of The Waterfall.m4a
08 Cattle Call.m4a
09 Half As Much.m4a
10 On, Lonesome Me.m4a
11 Wolverton Mountain.m4a
12 Long Gone Lonesome Blues.m4a

Here's the whole thing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) 7" - 1970

This may seem to follow the previous Stevie post too soon, but I don't care. This one is far from some obscure Stevie Wonder song. Signed Sealed Delivered has to be in the top 5 of all time Stevie Wonder songs.

This record is crackly and poppy, but it doesn't matter. The music is so good, I can listen to this thing coming out or just about anything and in any condition.

Read more on the history of the song here. The article talks about the Stax Records sound Stevie got on this single and how it was a groundbreaking song for Motown and Stevie Wonder. Even without all that history and significance one listen will tell you that this song is special.

Side two sounds even worse as far as being a dirty noisy record. You have a problem with that, got buy the song properly. However, the song isn't exactly the greatest song, so you may want to sample it hear and see if you want to lay out your cash. It's not bad, but there are plenty of other songs I'd spend my money on if I were you.


01 Signed Sealed Delivered.mp3
02 I'm More Than Happy.mp3

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tony Orlando And Dawn - Morning Beautiful 7"

I have vague recollections of watching the Tony Orlando and Dawn variety show as a kid. I don't remember much except that I did watch it. I knew they sang that yellow ribbon song. I don't know if I watched because I actually enjoyed the show or if it was just because it was on and my parents were watching. I was so young that it was probably the later.

So other than the couple hit songs I really don't know much about their music. This 45 adds my knowledge of their music to about 5 songs now I think.

"Morning Beautiful" is a pretty forgettable pop song. It sounds like the 70's, complete with some hippy type feel good message. Whatever, it does nothing for me. For me the reason to give this record a second look it "Dance Rosie Dance". I have no idea if this song got any radio play or not, but I like it. I may be kind of partial because my daughter's name is Rose, but I think the song stands on its own as well. I think the arrangement is beautiful and has enough variety to keep it interesting and fresh. The chorus is memorable. I think if you give this on a chance, you'll be humming it too.


01 Mornin' Beautiful.mp3
02 Dance Rosie Dance.mp3

Friday, March 21, 2008

Doris Day And Harry James - Young Man With A Horn - 1954

As any regular reader will gather by now, I grew up in the 70's and 80's so Doris Day is a little ahead of my time. I think before this record I all really knew from Doris Day was "Que Sera Sera" from the Hitchcock movie. I knew here more for her acting career, than for her singing. Oddly enough I think I knew more about Harry's James and his music than I did Doris Day when I picked this one up. I really have enjoyed the Harry James that I've heard.

This record is just tops from start to finish. You get two greats for one on this one. Doris couldn't sound more effortless on her track and Harry's horn is just intoxicating. Listen to him on "The Man I Love". Simply beautiful.

In my reading up on the record I've found that this record was re-recordings of songs from the soundtrack "Young Man With A Horn" from 1951. It seems like the songs were release on 78 in '51, but then on LP in 1954. The songs are all very jazzy and I mean that in the purest sense of the word. These aren't just some hit parade Jazz light pop songs. Again I can't stress enough how great Harry James and his orchestra are here. "The Man I Love", "Meloncholy Rhapsody", and "Limehouse Blues" as so so so so so gooooood. Play them at 11.

So lower the lights, get yourself a drink and cuddle up with someone you love and listen to this gem from the past.


01 I May Be Wrong.mp3
02 The Man I Love.mp3
03 The Very Thought Of You.mp3
04 Pretty Baby.mp3
05 Melancholy Rhapsody.mp3
06 Would I love You.mp3
07 Too Marvelous For Words.mp3
08 Get Happy.mp3
09 I Only have Eyes For You.mp3
10 Limehouse Blues.mp3
11 With A Song In My Heart.mp3
12 Lullaby Of Broadway.mp3

Here's the whole thing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy When It Rains Mix 2008

I used to love making mix tapes and then I loved making mix CD's. Both of those terms are quickly becoming things of the past, because of great new digital technology. I love having an ipod full of thousands of songs that can all play randomly, but I do miss the discipline and art of coming up with 80 minutes of music on a theme that flows one song to the next. Those limitations made you really think what songs you wanted to commit to that mix. Well everyone once in a while I get the urge to put myself to the test to create a mix CD or mix playlist. This one here started out with the idea of doing a mix CD for the Spring. Anytime I came across a song that I thought would be good for a Spring mix I would add it to my list of ideas. After a while I realized that I had added a lot of songs about rain and so I decided to make a rain mix. By the way I am still working on the Spring mix, which I hope to unveil at some point in the near future.

Anyways this is a nice collection of songs about rain to play on a rainy day. There are all sorts of genres, but I think with this sequencing the songs flow into each other quite well. This is the kind of mix that really should be played in order, because going from the Winnie The Pooh song to something like The Cancer Bats may not really work. I like to work my way up to The Cancer Bats. I'd say most of these songs are going to be familiar to most music fans. Hopefully I've got a few surprises for you along the way. Maybe some songs you've never heard and maybe some deep album cuts you've heard, but had forgotten.

If you have any suggestions for things I missed please let me know. I really enjoyed putting this together and I think I'll make this an annual thing, which means I'll start working on the 2009 mix immediately.


01 The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down [Winnie The Pooh] - Disney Chorus
02 Back Water Blues - Bessie Smith
03 Louisiana 1927 - Randy Newman
04 O Katrina! - The Black Lips
05 I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Rain - The Go-Devils
06 Rainy Day Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix
07 Rain - Petula Clark
08 Rain Down Rain - Holly Golightly
09 It's Raining On Prom Night - Cindy Bullens
10 Prayers For Rain - The Cure
11 No Rain - Blind Melon
12 Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
13 Happy When It Rains - The Jesus And The Marychain
14 I Love The Rain - Lenny Kravitz
15 The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
16 My Time - Jane's Addiction
17 Red Rain - The White Stripes
18 Naked In The Rain - Red Hot Chili Peppers
19 Rain Wizard (radio edit) - Black Stone Cherry
20 Let It Pour - Cancer Bats
21 Rain - Subhumans
22 Rain - The Cult

Here are all the songs in two Zip files. I suggest downloading them so you get the full mix effect.

Happy When It Rains Mix 2008 part
Happy When It Rains Mix 2008 part

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thee Headcoatees - My Boyfriend's Learning Karate 7" - 75th music post

Instant classic. That is what I have to say about this record. From the great cover artwork to the song itself, this is one of my favorite singles of all time. Yes, all time. This was the record that introduced me to the greatness that was Thee Headcoatees. I first heard Holly Golightly on that White Stripes record a few years back and I wanted to know more about her. I did some research, read about Thee Headcoatees and Billy Childish and was ready to listen to whatever I could find. This was the first record I found and so I bought it. I have quite a few other releases by them, but by far this is my favorite. Okay, maybe not by far, because I also love "My Dear Watson" another crazy, goofy song of theirs.

I love the vintage sound of the song. I love the cheesy chopsocki sound effects. I love the lyrics. I love the politically incorrect faux accents. I love everything about it. I can't say it enough so I'll give up now and stop. You'll love it too, so you better get to listening.


01 My Boyfriend's Learning Karate.mp3
02 Mess Of Pottage.mp3

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Al Caiola - Percussion Espanol

I've had this one waiting in the wings for quite a few weeks now. I digitized the record a while ago, but I hadn't taken photos of the jacket, so I couldn't post the record. Yes, I am that concerned with making sure the posts are top quality. So when I had my recent free weekend I finally photographed the jacket and put this in the cue of things to post.

I'm not exactly where this record fits into the time line of "percussion" records that seemed to be so popular back in the day. Anyone who looks through the thrift store record bins knows that there are a boat load of records with names like Persuassive Percussion or Percussion Festival or some other variation on that idea. It seems like every label and band had to release some record on this theme. So I don't know that this record is special in any sort of ground breaking way, but it is quite good.

If you are a fan of the big band Latin music from the 50's and 60's you'll like this record. It also features some great stereo effects. The album takes full advantage of the new technology and makes sure you know that you have a right and left speaker. No center mixing here. This is something that has kind of been forgotten in recording today. Maybe it is for the better, maybe not, but I certainly enjoy it here. I enjoy the fun the engineers seem to be having playing and experimenting.

The music has one foot in the Latin tradition and one foot in the big polished lush I dare say "Hollywood" production style. The music is big and bold. It's not background music for a Spanish restaurant. It's more like music in a film set in Spain or sound of the border starring Elvis. I don't know if that makes sense, but maybe after listening to it it will.

Start to finish the album is strong. It is a great one to throw on in the evening when you're cooking or settling down for the evening. You don't have to really hit skip on any track. That isn't to say some tracks are better than others, but on a whole the album holds together as one piece.

If you listen to any track I recommend the first one "Macarenas". It's got a great guitar and what I think is dancing intro. It then kicks in with this really boisterous and bold music, that I think reminds me of something Tarantino would use if he had the chance. The song has that sort of Leone/Morricone epic quality to it that I love. This really shouldn't come as a surprise. One of Al Caiola's first hits was his recording of the theme to "The Magnificent Seven" which fits in perfectly with the sort of macho men movies Tarantino Leone and Morricone are identified with. So if you are down with any of those three entertainers I think you'll be down with "Macarenas" as well.


01 Macarenas.m4a
02 Noche De Ronda.m4a
03 Malaguena.m4a
04 Grenada.m4a
05 Cielito Lindo.m4a
06 Tico Tico.m4a
07 Espana Cani.m4a
08 La Spagnola.m4a
09 El Relicario.m4a
10 La Paloma.m4a
11 Andalucia.m4a
12 Lady Of Spain.m4a

The whole thing here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz - Green Fuz 7"

This one's a true underground classic made famous by The Cramps cover. This is Garage Rock in it's purest sense. Production quality next to nothing. Musicianship, just competent enough to make it through the song. I don't even think the guitars are in tune. A DYI ethic that didn't stop these guys from writing their own theme song and recording it. Hats off.

"Green Fuz" as it turns out is a revved up little rocker. The singer gives his all, with no irony. He really believes in the song and that being the Green Fuz means something.

There is also a great drum solo thrown right in the middle of the song. No one told these guys about writing pop/rock songs and if they did, they just didn't care. The drum solo kind of just comes from out of nowhere, but the guy on those drums just really lays out some mean beats. I mean he just beats the crap out of those drums when it is his moment to shine. I love it.

The B-Side is a slower song. I can see these guys performing at high school dances and such needing some sort of slow number for the couples to dance to. This was that song for them. It's not really a romantic love song, but it is the closest they were going to get.

So take a trip into Texas history with the Green Fuz with these record.


01 Green Fuz.mp3
02 There Is A Land.mp3

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Zoot Fenster - The Man on Page 602/Vinegar In My Wine 7"

This record is what novelty is all about. From what I've gathered, this song was apparently inspired by a Sears catalog photo in 1975 where one of the male underwear models was showing a little more of his manhood than he should have. Read more here. So Zoot decided to capitalize on the news story of the day and write a song about it. The result was this little ditty "The Man On Page 602". I don't think I can really add much more to this that the lyrics can say for themselves. I think if you read them, you'll know everything you need to know to want to listen to this song.

Hey, have you heard the latest story that's bringing on the smiles?
It has caused some blushing laughter and some anger for a while.
For those who shop by mail for all their family clothes,
In the fall-and-winter catalog, more than fashion is exposed.
In the fall-and-winter catalog on page six-hundred-two,
I see this advertisement that makes me come unglued.
The picture's got me out of sorts 'cause I don't understand:
Are they advertising boxer shorts, or are they trying to sell the man?
(I don't know.)
I'd send them all my money if I could make a wish come true.
I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two
(Look and see. You'll agree. He's got personality.)
You know, when these wish books are delivered, anxious people start to look,
And when they price them there boxer shorts, they suddenly get shook.
Some say it's all in error. Some say all in fun.
He could be tarred and feathered, or maybe even "hung."
In the fall and winter catalog, or the wish book, so it's called,
In my mind, there's no question of what I'd like most of all.
I'd send them all my money if it would make a wish come true.
I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two.
Yeah, I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two.

So now that you've read the lyrics treat yourself to some country comedy.


01 The Man On Page 602.mp3
02 Vinegar In My Wine.mp3

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rick Springfield - Beginnings - 1972

Before seeing this record I really didn't know anything about pre-Jessie's Girl/Pre General Hospital Rick Springfield. I knew he had some sort of a singing career before 1980, but that was the extent of it.

This record is Rick's solo debut from 1972. I listened to this record before I did any research about the record or Rick's past. I'm glad I did because I like the record. I think there are some strong pop songs on the record. However most of the reviews of the record aren't very complimentary. It seems there is more focus on what was happening with Rick's career than on the music itself. I'm glad I didn't read any of that to taint my experience.

I did however learn some interesting things in researching the record. It seems that at the time the record company was pushing Rick as a teen heartthrob. He was doing Tiger beat photo shoots and such. He did have a hit with "Speak To The Sky", which I'm assuming is a bit of a forgotten hit, because I had never heard of it before. It reached something like 14 on the billboard charts I believe is what I read. While this was a hit, there was controversy surrounding the record. Radio DJ's boycotted the record because of the rumor that the record company was buying up the record to inflate sales. It turned out that the accusation was unfounded, but it caused enough problems that the label dropped Rick. Wikipedia has all the details here.

Another interesting tidbit of pop culture history I learned was that Rick starred in a cartoon based on him called "Mission Magic" that aired on ABC Saturday mornings. It ran for two years. I've got to see that some day. Read more here.

But what about the music? That's why you're reading right? Right? Is anyone actually reading? Well, if someone is, this is for you. The music is good. Not mindblowingly great, but definitely good. For a first record you can already see that he's got a knack for song craft. One review pointed out in a negative way that the record feels like an artist being forced into and trying to fit into the singer songwriter mold, which was so popular at the time. This may be true, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Sure, Rick's strength is writing pop tunes and 8 years later he help lay the blueprint for 80's power pop. So what does that mean for this record? It means that Rick is riffing off of a lot of influence of the time. You can hear The Beatles in some songs. McCartney especially is prevalent as an influence. I mean "What Would The Children Think" is just the Rick Springfield version of "A Day In The Life".

You can also hear T-Rex and Sweet in "Hooky Jo" which is just a straight up pop rock song.

One of the big highlights for me, though, on this record is Rick trying to fit into that serious singer songwriter mold. The song "The Unhappy Ending (Lean On Me)" is a song about a guy shooting himself in the head. This song sounds like a funeral march. it also goes into moment by moment detail of the suicide. It is so incredibly dark, that it makes me giddy. That alone made the song great to me, but then after reading about Rick's career and the history on the record, the song is really funny. It is funny because what was the record company thinking putting this song on a record that is being aimed at young teenage girls. It just seems like a bit of a disconnect as a formula for teen pop success. I wish I knew the rational here.

Another good song is "Come On Everybody" which points toward Rick's power pop strengths. Overall the album is upbeat and well written. The only real downer it the suicide song, but it is a good dramatic downer so I love it. So if you only know Rick from the 80's hits, I recommend listening to this record to hear a completely different side of Rick. I think you'll like what you hear.


01 Mother Can You Carry Me.m4a
02 Speak To The Sky.m4a
03 What Would The Children Think.m4a
04 1000 Years.m4a
05 The Unhappy Ending (Lead Me On).m4a
06 Hooky Jo.m4a
07 I Didn't Mean To Love You.m4a
08 Come On Everybody.m4a
09 Why_.m4a
10 The Ballad Of Annie Goodbody.m4a

Get the whole thing here Rick

Friday, March 14, 2008

Francisco Gabilondo Soler - Cri Cri MKE 4 7"

This is part 2 to a post from February 19th. I posted the "Cowboy Mouse" record by ole Franciso. I bought this record at the same time as the other record and I enjoy it almost as much as the other. To be honest it is really hard to beat that "El Raton Vaquero" song. On this record I really like "Negrito Bailarin". On this one I really don't know what it means. I assume Negrito has something to do with black, but Bailarin is a mystery to me. I'm sure there are people out there shaking their heads in utter disgust that I don't know what it means and that I haven't taken the time to look it up. To be honest I kind of like staying in the dark on this one.

Why do I like this song? Well the chorus is sweet and catchy. Also it has this bit near the end, where is sounds like tap dancing. I don't know if that is the intention, but that is what I hear.

"Jorobita" is pretty good, but my next favorite song on this record is "Marcha De Las Letras". I can make out just enough to get that the intro is setting up what the song is going to be about and then what proceeds is your basic kids song about letters marching by. At least that is what I think it is about. I could be wrong. The song has a great little marching thing going on, but not in the big military sense of the word. This is more like Christopher Robin and the wonderful characters of the 1000 acres woods having a parade. It is sweet and innocent.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boots Randolph - Boots With Brass - 1970

I've been excited as hell for the past few days in anticipation for today's post and for some one's I have coming up. This last weekend I actually had a day off. Work has been really crazy the last few months and so having a Saturday to myself was a welcome treat. So how did I spend my free time. I photo graphed about 52 LP jackets and ripped about 10 LP's. A couple of them I hadn't listened to for a long time and upon listening to them again I got giddy with excitement to share them with everyone. This record is the first of those records, which I'll spread out over the next few weeks.

For those who don't know Boots and as a refresher for those who do, Boots made his name with the hit song "Yakety Sax" which everyone today would recognize as the Benny Hill music. Boots cut his teeth playing with bands and as a studio musician before that breakout song. He was primarily a country musician recording out of Nashville.

The great thing, no no great, the wonderfully fantastic thing about this record is that it has no country on it at all. I'm not dissing Boots' country roots and will probably post some of his earlier work at some point. This record is a rock and funk record. Released in 1970 it feels of the time. The studio musicians backing Boots up deserve some real praise here. Now boots is great, but the bass player and the guitarist make this thing into one amazing listen.

The album kicks off with "C.C. Rider" and is simply a revelation of funk. I mean it is so strong, that you could turn off the record after that song and feel satisfied. In fact you may want to just put that song on repeat to fully digest everything that is going on in that song before moving on. There is a bit near the end of the song where Boots hits this sustained note and it sounds like the band on Saturday Night Live. I mean that as a compliment. It really reminds me of the old E.G. Smith days.

Another great number is "Hi Heel Sneakers". It has a bit of a go-go feel and it definitely has some roots in "Yakety Sax", but then beneath the Randolph riffs there is this driving funky band that pushes this thing into the stratosphere of insanity. Make sure you take a breath before listening to this one, because once it starts you are going to be dancing, toe tapping, shaking your head, doing what every you do when a song just gets you going and it doesn't let up for two and a half minutes. There is no rest. It feels like a sprint from the first note.

The other songs are all pretty good as well. Somewhat to my surprise the weakest songs are teh Carpenters covers. There are so slow and laid back, that they don't seem to fit in as well, and it doesn't feel like Boots is bringing that much new to the songs. I really thought I would like them more, because I love the Carpenters, but therein may lie the problem. I can't help compare his Sax to Karen's voice and I prefer Karen's melancholy tones to his instrument hands down.

So treat yourself to something new, by listening to this vintage music from 1970.


01 C.C. Rider.m4a
02 The Letter.m4a
03 Fire And Rain.m4a
04 Via Tirado.m4a
05 We've Only Just Begun.m4a
06 Light My Fire.m4a
07 Spinning Wheel.m4a
08 Hi Heel Sneakers.m4a
09 I'll Be There.m4a
10 (They Long To Be) Close To You.m4a
11 25 or 6 to 4.m4a
12 Take A Letter Maria.m4a

Here's the whole thing. Boots

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Farther Down The Road 7"

"You've Still Got Love All Over You". Are you kidding me? Of course I'm going to buy a record with a title racy. I mean seriously this could be the most x-rated song I ever buy. Of course the song isn't and in reality I knew of the impossibility of Tennessee Ernie Ford recording some dirty song, but still.

The A-Side is "Farther Down The River" is catchy little number. I love the first line "Woman don't start preaching me about the things I should and shouldn't do." It sets the tone for the whole song. That "preaching" reference tells you a lot about the character singing. Obviously there is some religion in this guy's life, but the use of the word also reveals a poorer or more backwoods education. Then of course comparing finding a woman with fishing isn't exactly a knew idea (there are more fish in the sea), but this conjures up the image of Andy Taylor and Opie wandering along some river deep in hillbilly territory. It is a minor distinction, but one reference is comparing the game of finding a mate to fishing in the sea, or for seafood if you will and the other is like fishing in a river. The first image for some reason seems a little more classy and upscale, while the second one seems to be a step below. Anyways, I think it provides some nice color and so I like it.

"You've Still Got Love All Over You" as I mentioned before isn't the racey song the title promises and in fact is a little boring. Have a listen and see if you agree.


01 Farther Down The River.mp3
02 You've Still Got Love All Over You.mp3