Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tony Orlando And Dawn - Morning Beautiful 7"

I have vague recollections of watching the Tony Orlando and Dawn variety show as a kid. I don't remember much except that I did watch it. I knew they sang that yellow ribbon song. I don't know if I watched because I actually enjoyed the show or if it was just because it was on and my parents were watching. I was so young that it was probably the later.

So other than the couple hit songs I really don't know much about their music. This 45 adds my knowledge of their music to about 5 songs now I think.

"Morning Beautiful" is a pretty forgettable pop song. It sounds like the 70's, complete with some hippy type feel good message. Whatever, it does nothing for me. For me the reason to give this record a second look it "Dance Rosie Dance". I have no idea if this song got any radio play or not, but I like it. I may be kind of partial because my daughter's name is Rose, but I think the song stands on its own as well. I think the arrangement is beautiful and has enough variety to keep it interesting and fresh. The chorus is memorable. I think if you give this on a chance, you'll be humming it too.


01 Mornin' Beautiful.mp3
02 Dance Rosie Dance.mp3

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