Sunday, March 16, 2008

Zoot Fenster - The Man on Page 602/Vinegar In My Wine 7"

This record is what novelty is all about. From what I've gathered, this song was apparently inspired by a Sears catalog photo in 1975 where one of the male underwear models was showing a little more of his manhood than he should have. Read more here. So Zoot decided to capitalize on the news story of the day and write a song about it. The result was this little ditty "The Man On Page 602". I don't think I can really add much more to this that the lyrics can say for themselves. I think if you read them, you'll know everything you need to know to want to listen to this song.

Hey, have you heard the latest story that's bringing on the smiles?
It has caused some blushing laughter and some anger for a while.
For those who shop by mail for all their family clothes,
In the fall-and-winter catalog, more than fashion is exposed.
In the fall-and-winter catalog on page six-hundred-two,
I see this advertisement that makes me come unglued.
The picture's got me out of sorts 'cause I don't understand:
Are they advertising boxer shorts, or are they trying to sell the man?
(I don't know.)
I'd send them all my money if I could make a wish come true.
I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two
(Look and see. You'll agree. He's got personality.)
You know, when these wish books are delivered, anxious people start to look,
And when they price them there boxer shorts, they suddenly get shook.
Some say it's all in error. Some say all in fun.
He could be tarred and feathered, or maybe even "hung."
In the fall and winter catalog, or the wish book, so it's called,
In my mind, there's no question of what I'd like most of all.
I'd send them all my money if it would make a wish come true.
I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two.
Yeah, I just wish I was that man on page six-oh-two.

So now that you've read the lyrics treat yourself to some country comedy.


01 The Man On Page 602.mp3
02 Vinegar In My Wine.mp3


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