Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Cure - A Room At The Top 7" EP

Yesterday I went on about great B-sides and how much I look forward to B-sides by The Cure. It was that sort of excitement that lead me to purchasing this little record. I saw "Catepillar E Mix" and my imagination went wild. What sort of amazing remix or mix was I going to find? What new revelations were in store? Sadly I was disappointed. These three songs sound more like early demos of the songs.

So why post songs that even I don't really love? Because I'm a Cure nut and figure there are others out there who want to hear everything they've ever recorded. I figure I'll save them a few bucks. Then again maybe I'm wrong. The songs aren't horrible. I mean it's The Cure after all. The songs hold up no matter what form their in. So maybe these will impress you enough to seek out and purchase this record. I don't think it is too hard to find on e-bay.


01 Caterpillar E Mix.m4a
02 Cats Like Cheese.m4a
03 Bananafish Bones.m4a

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