Tuesday, March 4, 2008

AC/DC - Money Talks 7"

In the early 80's I loved AC/DC. We're talking the 'For Those About To Rock" period. I love "Highway" and "Back in Black" and everything before that as well, but it wasn't until 1981 that I really got into rock music and discovered the greatness that is and was AC/DC. But by the time of "Flick Of The Switch" in 1983 I had moved on to other music. Off the top of my head I can't think exactly what that music was. I think I was getting into newer heavy metal bands and I was considering AC/DC to be past their prime. For the later part of the decade I was pretty much checked out of heavy metal and AC/DC all together.

In recent years I've gone back reliving my youth and catching up on all the AC/DC that I missed after 1981.

This 45 comes from 1990's "Razor's Edge". It is a really strong single. It has everything that makes AC/DC what they are. Great guitar riffs and power chords, a sing-a-long chorus, Brian's great gravelly vocals, and rock and roll testosterone attitude. This song could easily hold it's own amongst those early 80's releases.

The B-Side "Borrowed Time" at the time of this release was previously unreleased. I'm sure since then it has been collected onto some compilation some where. But the song isn't just a throw away. It's pretty strong as well. Not as good as "Money Talks" but still memorable.

I have a theory that a band is only as good as the b-sides of their singles. The mark of a great band to me is a band that can release a great single and a great B-Side as well. Some of my favorite bands like The Cure, or The White Stripes, are bands that I get excited about their B-sides. There have been many other bands like The Beatles or Depeche Mode or The Cult that also released great B-sides. These bands are so good and have so much good material that one album will never contain all the goodness and so they have great B-Sides. The B-sides aren't just leftover castoffs from some random recording session. I put this B-side not in the great category, but in the pretty strong category. I don't exactly have a lot of AC/DC singles with B-sides so I don't know how they hold up to my test. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else has to say on the matter.

So until someone actually posts a comment or a response, everyone will have to just live with my lack of knowledge on the subject. I don't think that will hurt your enjoyment of the music, though.


01 Moneytalks.mp3
02 Borrowed Time.mp3

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