Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Supersucker/Zeke Split 7"

I can't say enough about the Supersuckers. They truly are the greatest rock and roll band recording and playing music today. I mean no one even comes close when it comes to straight ahead rock and roll.

I'm very excited that they are coming to Southern California this next month. I've got my tickets and I'm very excited to bring my son. A few years ago we saw Eddie Spaghetti do his acoustic show in front of Social Distortion, but since then he hasn't had a chance to see the full blown Supersuckers rock and roll show. Everytime they play it is a 21 and up show and I end up going with my wife. It is funny because just the day before the show was announced my son told me he was going to e-mail The Supersuckers to ask them to play an all ages show in LA. The very next day the show was announced and I told him he didn't need to write.

So if you live in southern California I suggest getting tickets to their House Of Blues show and treating yourself to an amazing night of rock and roll. Also if you ever have the chance to catch their country show, jump at the chance. I did while back and it was in my opinion even better than the rock show which was pretty stellar.

If you don't know the Supersuckers, this record is a good introduction to their power and writing prowess. I wouldn't say this is their best song, but it is strong still. So hopefully after you hear this you'll seek out the rest of their recordings. By the way this band falls into the category of bands that do great covers. If you get their "Devils Food" LP you'll find a great cover of Jerry Reed's "Eastbound and Down". I believe I've already written once on my love of that song and seeing that they covered the song was one of the early indicators to me that Eddie and company were great.

Zeke is also strong. I don't know as much about them. I do know that a lot of bands I like love them and respect them. I like what I've heard and this song is pretty decent.

01 Gato Negro.m4a
02 Chinatown.m4a

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