Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jim Ed Brown - Morning

Jim Ed Brown began his singing career as a teen singing as part of the Browns. In the mid 60's he went solo and chalked up a couple hits. Toward the end of the decade he wasn't doing so hot. He got himself a syndicated TV show in 1969 which didn't last too long. Then in 1970 he had a bit of a comeback with the crossover hit "Morning". It reached #4 on the country charts and 47 on the pop charts. Not too bad.

All that I learned after buying the record. "Morning" to me isn't that memorable. It sounds like a crossover song in a bad way. It doesn't really sound like a country song except for the twangy slide guitar here and there and on the other time it doesn't sound like a straight ahead pop song because of the country touches. It kind of sounds like it doesn't know what it wants to be. So even though it was a hit I don't think there is much mystery who I think it is a bit of a forgotten song.

"How To Lose A Good Woman" was the title that interested me. I knew Jim was a country singer and so I could imagine that a country song with this title could probably be great. Country music like the blues churns out some great songs about lost love and being miserable. This song is no exception. It's plenty sad and doesn't try to straddle the two worlds of country and pop. It's a country song through and through the way it should be. It's the kind of song I imagine hearing in a cowboy bar when some down on his luck drunk guy throws a couple coins in the juke box to keep himself company. I can hear the lonely man quietly weeping over his beer recapping in his mind how he screwed up his marriage or lost a girlfriend. Give it a listen and maybe you can do.


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