Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thee Headcoatees - My Boyfriend's Learning Karate 7" - 75th music post

Instant classic. That is what I have to say about this record. From the great cover artwork to the song itself, this is one of my favorite singles of all time. Yes, all time. This was the record that introduced me to the greatness that was Thee Headcoatees. I first heard Holly Golightly on that White Stripes record a few years back and I wanted to know more about her. I did some research, read about Thee Headcoatees and Billy Childish and was ready to listen to whatever I could find. This was the first record I found and so I bought it. I have quite a few other releases by them, but by far this is my favorite. Okay, maybe not by far, because I also love "My Dear Watson" another crazy, goofy song of theirs.

I love the vintage sound of the song. I love the cheesy chopsocki sound effects. I love the lyrics. I love the politically incorrect faux accents. I love everything about it. I can't say it enough so I'll give up now and stop. You'll love it too, so you better get to listening.


01 My Boyfriend's Learning Karate.mp3
02 Mess Of Pottage.mp3


Matracas said...

Funny how this being a 45 rpm the disc's center is a hole for 33 1/3 records and not the bigger hole as we have always known them to have.

Have a good one.

Spencer said...

Actually the little hole thing is quite common with releases from alternative bands. I'm not sure what the through process is in choosing between the two styles, but I do have quite a few 7" records with the small hole.