Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Insomniacs - Switched On 7"

I love garage rock. I'm not ashamed. I love the energy. I love the rough around the edges feel. Most of all I love when a garage rock band has the song writing ability to write a great pop rock or a "power pop" song if you will that has the swagger aesthetic of garage rock. The insomniacs have that in spades. This is a perfect example of all those elements coming together. Both songs here are just solid pop songs. They are catchy and bouncy.

When I first bought this record it was another one of those rolls of the dice. It wasn't that big of a roll because I had bought something else on Slovenly that was great so I didn't think I was taking that big of a chance. After listening to it I couldn't wait to share it with everyone I knew. I played the disc over and over. I think you'll do the same when you here it.

Now for full disclosure. I kind of think that these rips aren't mine. I think that I may have decided to save myself some time and found these rips that someone else may have done. I think I did that because I was so anxious to share the music and I didn't have time to do all the proper ripping myself. At some point I'll rip a version from my record and fix this post, but until then the fruits of someone else's labor will have to do.


01 - Switched On.mp3
02 - `Bout My Love.mp3

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