Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs @ Spaceland - 04.14.10

Last week I went and saw Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs at Spaceland in LA. It was a really fun night being out with my wife enjoying some really good music. The crowd was pretty chill and the sound was great. There was an opening band The Hi-Hos which I also really enjoyed. You can check out some of their work on their myspace page. They had a bit of an old time country flavor. The singer Camille had a great voice and really set the mood for Holly. There was another band on the bill, The Shirley Rolls, but they actually came on after Holly which was a bit odd and I have to confess that we left after Holly. So I can't give you my honest opinion about how they were live. Anyways, I did take a few snaps that I thought I could share. You can see all the photos here on my flickr page.

I've also found some youtube video someone posted from the night, so enjoy that as a bonus courtesy of someone else. There is also some footage of The Shirley Rolls so see what you think. Seems like they would have been fun. Dig the two drummer thing they have going. To bad I'm getting old and was ready to head home after Holly.


Monday, April 19, 2010

The Motels - Little Robbers - 1983

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this record. I honestly digitized it almost 2 years ago before I ever got any complaints, but then I held off thinking this would be too mainstream and would attract attention. But as I was reviewing the things I have waiting in the wings I discovered that this record is no longer in print. If you want to buy the CD on Amazon it is going to cost you nearly $90. Ouch. So I figured why not help some people out who can't afford that kind of money. Sure it is only a rip from the vinyl, but that is better than nothing. I apologize also in advance for flaws in the ripping. I think there may be some pops and bumps here and there, but I'm too busy to go back and redo this one at this point.

I was kind of amazed that it was out of print because the record was quite successful and "Suddenly last Summer" was a huge hit, that continues to get spun on the radio. However I guess it makes more sense for people to buy a greatest hits comp of The Motels, than to delve into these other album cuts.

While "Suddenly Last Summer" is definitely the big recognizeble track off this record (went to #1 on the US Rock charts), "Remember The Nights" was also a single from this record. It wasn't as big of a hit and is long forgotten. but you may remember it once you hear it. I know I did once I heard it. It was one of those, "oh yeah I remember this song" moments. I probably hadn't heard the song since 1983.

Martha Davis's voice is of course great on all the tracks, even if they aren't all super remember-able.

Give track one a listen "Where Do We Go From Here", and see if you can hear that they basically lifted a melody right from the song "Money", you know the song that everybody and their mother (including The Beatles) did back in the 60's.

"Footsteps" is a great track in my opinion. It has the reggae sort of vibe to it and it actually reminds me of a sort of precursor to No Doubt. Give it a listen and see if you can hear a little Gwen in Martha's voice or should I reverse that. This too appears to have been a single, but it never even charted. It's a shame really, because it is a good track.

"Little Robbers" was another single that didn't really do much. It never made the hot 100 list, but did chart on the Rock charts. It's a decent song and worth a listen as well.

Well, I hope this brings back fond memories for some of you.


Side 1
01 Where Do We Go From Here (Nothing Sacred)
02 Suddenly Last Summer
03 Isle Of You
04 Trust Me
05 Monday Shutdown

Side 2
06 Remember The Nights
07 Little Robbers
08 Into The Heartland
09 Tables Turned
10 Footsteps

Little Robbers Side 1.zip
Little Robbers Side 2.zip

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sergio Franchi - Wine And Song - 1968

I love this record. It has some of Sergio's best performances. It also has a great jacket. I love the cover. It makes me wish I was at this dinner party. I love the clothes, the food on the table, the faces of the people. I love it all. Then you flip the record over and you get Sergio in the studio with a gigantic sub sandwich. Classic.

Pretty much every song is great. Listen to the whole thing. Side two with the medley's is particularly fantastic.


Side 1
01 A Man Without Love (Quando M'Innamoro)
02 Time Alone Will Tell (Non Pensare A Me)
03 The Girl From Ipanema
04 To Give
05 Statte Vicino A Mme
06 C'est Magnifique
Side 2
07 I Wrote A Son For You (Canzone Per Te)
08 If I Were A Rich Man/To Life (Fiddler On The Roof Medley)
09 The Impossible Dream
10 Oui Marie/Di Nome Si Chimava Ronda (Italian Medley)
11 Al Di La

Wine And Song Side 1.zip
Wine And Song Side 2.zip