Monday, April 19, 2010

The Motels - Little Robbers - 1983

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this record. I honestly digitized it almost 2 years ago before I ever got any complaints, but then I held off thinking this would be too mainstream and would attract attention. But as I was reviewing the things I have waiting in the wings I discovered that this record is no longer in print. If you want to buy the CD on Amazon it is going to cost you nearly $90. Ouch. So I figured why not help some people out who can't afford that kind of money. Sure it is only a rip from the vinyl, but that is better than nothing. I apologize also in advance for flaws in the ripping. I think there may be some pops and bumps here and there, but I'm too busy to go back and redo this one at this point.

I was kind of amazed that it was out of print because the record was quite successful and "Suddenly last Summer" was a huge hit, that continues to get spun on the radio. However I guess it makes more sense for people to buy a greatest hits comp of The Motels, than to delve into these other album cuts.

While "Suddenly Last Summer" is definitely the big recognizeble track off this record (went to #1 on the US Rock charts), "Remember The Nights" was also a single from this record. It wasn't as big of a hit and is long forgotten. but you may remember it once you hear it. I know I did once I heard it. It was one of those, "oh yeah I remember this song" moments. I probably hadn't heard the song since 1983.

Martha Davis's voice is of course great on all the tracks, even if they aren't all super remember-able.

Give track one a listen "Where Do We Go From Here", and see if you can hear that they basically lifted a melody right from the song "Money", you know the song that everybody and their mother (including The Beatles) did back in the 60's.

"Footsteps" is a great track in my opinion. It has the reggae sort of vibe to it and it actually reminds me of a sort of precursor to No Doubt. Give it a listen and see if you can hear a little Gwen in Martha's voice or should I reverse that. This too appears to have been a single, but it never even charted. It's a shame really, because it is a good track.

"Little Robbers" was another single that didn't really do much. It never made the hot 100 list, but did chart on the Rock charts. It's a decent song and worth a listen as well.

Well, I hope this brings back fond memories for some of you.


Side 1
01 Where Do We Go From Here (Nothing Sacred)
02 Suddenly Last Summer
03 Isle Of You
04 Trust Me
05 Monday Shutdown

Side 2
06 Remember The Nights
07 Little Robbers
08 Into The Heartland
09 Tables Turned
10 Footsteps

Little Robbers Side
Little Robbers Side

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