Saturday, April 20, 2013

SAP Music Train Mix 2013

I have loved trains since I was very young.  In fact the artwork for this mix was actually done when I was in high school.  Yes, SAP was around way back then.

I have had the idea for a train mix for years.  I noticed a long time ago that trains, much like rain is used in music over and over again to sometimes talk literally about trains, but more often than not as a metaphor.  One could say it is over used, just like the metaphor for rain is perhaps over used.  You can come to your own conclusions on that.  What I do know is that it means I have lots and lots of songs talking about trains in some form or another. This mix isn't supposed to be my list of the best train songs ever.  I'm sure there are some better ones out there.  There are certainly some more well known ones, but I figure if you really want to hear "Crazy Train" or "Peace Train", then you can go buy that wherever you like to purchase your music.  My thoughts behind this mix is that the songs are good for one and secondly that they kind of work together.  I had many other songs go on and then off the mix.  To be honest I've been sort of collecting and gathering songs for several years now into a playlist.  When it came to making the mix there were just some songs that didn't fit.  Maybe they will make into onto another train mix some day.  I certainly have enough songs for another entire CD.

You can check out the track listing on the artwork.  Below is a high resolution image to print out it you want a CD insert.


SAP Music Train Mix 2013 - Password:sapmusic2013