Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SAP Music Valentine Mix 2010

I started playing with this mix/playlist shortly after the new year. It went through quite a few different variations with songs being added and subtracted. I spent a lot of time putting songs together and then listening to them and then making adjustments for things that didn't quite fit together.

There are a few tracks I'm really excited to share. Track 02 is a song I came across just this last month. I wasn't even looking for tracks for this mix at the time, but the moment I heard it I knew it had to be a part of this years Valentine time. The double meanings of the songs work for both genders depending on how you want to interpret the lyrics, which makes it all the more deliteful.

Track 3 is also a big one for me, because it was very recently that I discovered the talents of Candi Staton. I listened to a greatest hits compilation and was blown away by her voice and the number of great soul tracks on the album. I've been listening to her non stop for a few weeks now and I'm still not tired of any of the songs.

Track 5 from The Long Blondes was introduced to me through the comic book "Phonogram". Without getting too deep into what the comic book is about, I can say that it revolves around music and each month the writer has articles about different bands. A few months back there was one about The Long Blondes and this song in particular was written about. It sounded so devilishly inticing that I tracked down the song. It is a song a seduction and when the singer is Kate Jackson of The Long Blondes it takes on a whole extra level of taboo. What I do like about the song is that take gender out of it and it still works and is still a little disturbing.

"No Lover" by Martha Wright is a song I came across from a blog. There aren't too many songs that sing about being a happy wife, but this is one. I had to include it just for that reason.

The rest of the tracks are all pretty good and I think you will enjoy them. Give it a listen to get ready for the 14th. See if it is something you want as your soundtrack for the Valentine holiday. Like I said, I've listened to this mix through many times over the past week or so and I'm not sick of it yet, so I think it will hold up repeated listenings.


SAP Music Valentine Mix 2010 -

Here is a cover you can print is you burn a disc.

And this one can be used to make a CD label/sticker.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boots Randolph - Sunday Sax

Looking for a little spiritual pickup for you Sunday. Boots, may just do the trick. Sit back, relax and get your church on.


01 When The Saints Go Marching In.m4a
02 Just A Closer Walk With Thee.m4a
03 Will The Circle Be Unbroken.m4a
04 Peace In The Valley.m4a
05 Amen.m4a
06 The Lord's Prayer.m4a
07 I Believe.m4a
08 You'll Never Walk Alone.m4a
09 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You.m4a
10 Ave Maria.m4a


Monday, January 4, 2010

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Beepers 12" - 1989

What? 1989? Can it be that this track is actually over 20 years old? Man time flies. And the technological subject matter of the song has basically come and gone. It is kind of funny, but before drug runners started using pagers or "beepers", pretty much just doctor's used them. Now twenty years later no one uses them, but doctors. I make that assumption soley based on "Grey's Anatomy" which depicts doctors using pagers. I guess even the doctors can't use cell phones in the hospitals, like everyone else. If anyone knows the reason for this, I'd love to know for sure. Well, whatever the case may be the beeper has come full circle and so this song goes out to all the doctors in the world still using a beeper.


01 Beepers (In TouchRemix).mp3
02 Players.mp3