Friday, November 27, 2015

SAP Music Christmas Mix 2015

For this year's Christmas mix I committed to only using music I personally digitized from my vinyl record collection.  So there isn't anything really too recent on the mix.  The movie clips are absent as well.  But there is a lot of pops and crackles and charm to committing to vinyl.  The challenge of course was to still try and find some variety.  So many Christmas records are the same old public domain songs.  It is harder to find original tunes.  I have a big Christmas record collection, but because I have used so many tunes in the past from my collection, the number of unused original Christmas songs is getting smaller and smaller.  So there are some of the traditional Christmas songs on here, but I tried to find versions that perhaps are a little less known, but still fun.

Download here: SAP Music Christmas Mix 2015

Password - sapmusic2015