Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Farther Down The Road 7"

"You've Still Got Love All Over You". Are you kidding me? Of course I'm going to buy a record with a title racy. I mean seriously this could be the most x-rated song I ever buy. Of course the song isn't and in reality I knew of the impossibility of Tennessee Ernie Ford recording some dirty song, but still.

The A-Side is "Farther Down The River" is catchy little number. I love the first line "Woman don't start preaching me about the things I should and shouldn't do." It sets the tone for the whole song. That "preaching" reference tells you a lot about the character singing. Obviously there is some religion in this guy's life, but the use of the word also reveals a poorer or more backwoods education. Then of course comparing finding a woman with fishing isn't exactly a knew idea (there are more fish in the sea), but this conjures up the image of Andy Taylor and Opie wandering along some river deep in hillbilly territory. It is a minor distinction, but one reference is comparing the game of finding a mate to fishing in the sea, or for seafood if you will and the other is like fishing in a river. The first image for some reason seems a little more classy and upscale, while the second one seems to be a step below. Anyways, I think it provides some nice color and so I like it.

"You've Still Got Love All Over You" as I mentioned before isn't the racey song the title promises and in fact is a little boring. Have a listen and see if you agree.


01 Farther Down The River.mp3
02 You've Still Got Love All Over You.mp3

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