Monday, March 17, 2008

Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz - Green Fuz 7"

This one's a true underground classic made famous by The Cramps cover. This is Garage Rock in it's purest sense. Production quality next to nothing. Musicianship, just competent enough to make it through the song. I don't even think the guitars are in tune. A DYI ethic that didn't stop these guys from writing their own theme song and recording it. Hats off.

"Green Fuz" as it turns out is a revved up little rocker. The singer gives his all, with no irony. He really believes in the song and that being the Green Fuz means something.

There is also a great drum solo thrown right in the middle of the song. No one told these guys about writing pop/rock songs and if they did, they just didn't care. The drum solo kind of just comes from out of nowhere, but the guy on those drums just really lays out some mean beats. I mean he just beats the crap out of those drums when it is his moment to shine. I love it.

The B-Side is a slower song. I can see these guys performing at high school dances and such needing some sort of slow number for the couples to dance to. This was that song for them. It's not really a romantic love song, but it is the closest they were going to get.

So take a trip into Texas history with the Green Fuz with these record.


01 Green Fuz.mp3
02 There Is A Land.mp3

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