Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy When It Rains Mix 2008

I used to love making mix tapes and then I loved making mix CD's. Both of those terms are quickly becoming things of the past, because of great new digital technology. I love having an ipod full of thousands of songs that can all play randomly, but I do miss the discipline and art of coming up with 80 minutes of music on a theme that flows one song to the next. Those limitations made you really think what songs you wanted to commit to that mix. Well everyone once in a while I get the urge to put myself to the test to create a mix CD or mix playlist. This one here started out with the idea of doing a mix CD for the Spring. Anytime I came across a song that I thought would be good for a Spring mix I would add it to my list of ideas. After a while I realized that I had added a lot of songs about rain and so I decided to make a rain mix. By the way I am still working on the Spring mix, which I hope to unveil at some point in the near future.

Anyways this is a nice collection of songs about rain to play on a rainy day. There are all sorts of genres, but I think with this sequencing the songs flow into each other quite well. This is the kind of mix that really should be played in order, because going from the Winnie The Pooh song to something like The Cancer Bats may not really work. I like to work my way up to The Cancer Bats. I'd say most of these songs are going to be familiar to most music fans. Hopefully I've got a few surprises for you along the way. Maybe some songs you've never heard and maybe some deep album cuts you've heard, but had forgotten.

If you have any suggestions for things I missed please let me know. I really enjoyed putting this together and I think I'll make this an annual thing, which means I'll start working on the 2009 mix immediately.


01 The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down [Winnie The Pooh] - Disney Chorus
02 Back Water Blues - Bessie Smith
03 Louisiana 1927 - Randy Newman
04 O Katrina! - The Black Lips
05 I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Rain - The Go-Devils
06 Rainy Day Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix
07 Rain - Petula Clark
08 Rain Down Rain - Holly Golightly
09 It's Raining On Prom Night - Cindy Bullens
10 Prayers For Rain - The Cure
11 No Rain - Blind Melon
12 Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
13 Happy When It Rains - The Jesus And The Marychain
14 I Love The Rain - Lenny Kravitz
15 The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
16 My Time - Jane's Addiction
17 Red Rain - The White Stripes
18 Naked In The Rain - Red Hot Chili Peppers
19 Rain Wizard (radio edit) - Black Stone Cherry
20 Let It Pour - Cancer Bats
21 Rain - Subhumans
22 Rain - The Cult

Here are all the songs in two Zip files. I suggest downloading them so you get the full mix effect.

Happy When It Rains Mix 2008 part
Happy When It Rains Mix 2008 part


Matracas said...

So is this an 80 minute mix of the 22 songs or are the 2 zip files the 22 songs in their entirety? I would be interested in downloading a mix if that's what it is.


Spencer said...

Each zip file has 11 songs. Together they make up the entire mix. I had to split them up because I can't upload a single file over 100mb on Mediafire. So download both of them.