Friday, March 21, 2008

Doris Day And Harry James - Young Man With A Horn - 1954

As any regular reader will gather by now, I grew up in the 70's and 80's so Doris Day is a little ahead of my time. I think before this record I all really knew from Doris Day was "Que Sera Sera" from the Hitchcock movie. I knew here more for her acting career, than for her singing. Oddly enough I think I knew more about Harry's James and his music than I did Doris Day when I picked this one up. I really have enjoyed the Harry James that I've heard.

This record is just tops from start to finish. You get two greats for one on this one. Doris couldn't sound more effortless on her track and Harry's horn is just intoxicating. Listen to him on "The Man I Love". Simply beautiful.

In my reading up on the record I've found that this record was re-recordings of songs from the soundtrack "Young Man With A Horn" from 1951. It seems like the songs were release on 78 in '51, but then on LP in 1954. The songs are all very jazzy and I mean that in the purest sense of the word. These aren't just some hit parade Jazz light pop songs. Again I can't stress enough how great Harry James and his orchestra are here. "The Man I Love", "Meloncholy Rhapsody", and "Limehouse Blues" as so so so so so gooooood. Play them at 11.

So lower the lights, get yourself a drink and cuddle up with someone you love and listen to this gem from the past.


01 I May Be Wrong.mp3
02 The Man I Love.mp3
03 The Very Thought Of You.mp3
04 Pretty Baby.mp3
05 Melancholy Rhapsody.mp3
06 Would I love You.mp3
07 Too Marvelous For Words.mp3
08 Get Happy.mp3
09 I Only have Eyes For You.mp3
10 Limehouse Blues.mp3
11 With A Song In My Heart.mp3
12 Lullaby Of Broadway.mp3

Here's the whole thing

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