Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lesley Gore - It's My Party 7"

Since my first Lesley Gore post went so well I thought I'd post my one and only other record of hers that I own. This is the one everyone will know of course. There is good reason for that. The song is just straight up good.

Again there is the great Quincy Jones production that can't be overlooked or underestimated and then of course the fabulous Lesley Gore. You listen to her sing and you're like, "you're dam right she can cry if she wants to". You know you're not going to win in an argument with her.

"She's A Fool" while maybe not quite as well known is another perfect pop song. It has this great back up chorus where I swear the men are singing "Shag-a-doo-la". I don't know what that means or if that is really what they are sining, but it sure is fun and catchy. The song fits in with the any of the other Lesley Gore classics. She sings about some girl who has the boy she likes and the girl doesn't love him like she does. She says, "She has his love but treats him cruel". As the song goes on it becomes clear that she is happy the girl is a fool. She is happy that she is cheating on the guy because she knows one day he'll find out and turn to her.

I know there is gonna come a day he will tell her, "Girl, be on your way.". Maybe then he'll turn to me, Then how happy I will be that...
She's a fool.

That is kind of a funny message, that I think is actually an accurate reflection of the teenage mind. She doesn't care that the guy is going to get his heart broke or that he's going to be made a fool. All she cares about is that in the end he'll be hers. I'd like to add that I don't think that is gender specific. I think teenage boys' minds work on about the same level.

So give these a listen, once for their pure pop splendidness and then again to pick up on the interesting story telling or the lyrics.


01 It's My Party.mp3
02 She's A Fool.mp3

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