Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Francisco Gabilondo Soler - Cri Cri MKE 21 7"

Today's selection is one of two records I have from what I assume to be a series. I have another record by the same artist with the same record name "Cri Cri", but it is yellow and has four different songs. I didn't know anything about these records when I bought them, but I did find the songs catchy. The "Raton" song is pretty great.

A funny story is that I had this record at work a couple years ago and a friend of mine from Guatemala said he had this record when he was a kid. He told me that "El Raton Vaquero" is translated to mean the cowboy rat. I think he also said that at least in his family Fansisco Gabilondo Soler was well known.

Anyways take a trip south of the border with these kids songs.



Matracas said...

Oh buddy, are you in for a surprise. Francisco Gabilondo Soler a/k/a Cri-Cri is probably the best selling children songs artist in Spanish speaking history. He started in the early 50's and since then all generations have grown up (some more than others) listening to these "nursery rhymes". Everyone in Mexico knows and has either owned or has heard songs by Cri-Cri "El grillito cantor" (Cri-Cri " The singing cricket".

Spencer said...

Thanks so much for the feedback and the info on Francisco. I'm not surprised that he is well known. I really like the two records I have.

Thanks again for checking out the blog.