Monday, February 18, 2008

Exposed II

Here's half of a two record compilation from the 80's. Sorry that it is only half. I haven't gotten around to digitizing the second record yet. Maybe someday I'll get around to it. Until then you can enjoy the first record, which for my money is the better of the two.

The best song by far it the Furs original version of "Pretty In Pink". I like the version that they re-did for the movie, but the original so much better. It is rougher around the edges and is sexier. There is something about the phrasing and the way that the lyrics are delivered that they ust seem to have an undertone of lust. It is subtle, but it makes a difference. My favourite line of the whole song is a perfect example where the two songs differ. The line is,"She doesn't have anything you want to steal, well nothing you can touch." In this version the line is loaded with all sorts of sexual energy. The one from the movie comes of kind of bland.

The record has some other great 80's New Wave cuts. "She Talks In Stereo" by Gary Myrick is fantastic. Also if you only know Tommy Tutone from his "Jenny 867-5309" song you should check out "Which Man Are You" because it shows that he did some other fine music. I loved that "867-5309" song, but let's face it, it is gimmicky and you can get sick of it. This song here has been growing on me. Give it a try and see if I'm wrong in saying that it is a forgotten/lost gem of the period.

A lot of these bands I never really heard of before. Take for instance the second track is by a back called Whitford/St. Holmes Band. I know nothing about them, but it is funny when you listen to it because it sounds just like a Sammy Hagar song from the same period. I don't mean it sounds like a particular Hagar song, but you could mistake this for Hagar.

The other forgotten bands all pretty much sound like time capsules of the era. Each one trying to make a name for themselves sounding like so many other bands of the early 80's. That is kind of why I like this record. It really captures the feeling of the New Wave movement at the time because it has songs I never really knew. By listening to them I don't get caught up in all the nostalgia and I can really hear the cliches and trends by hearing other bands in the songs. I don't know if that makes sense of not, but it does to me.

So take a trip in the wayback machine and listen to part one of "Exposed II".


01 Which Man Are You - Tommy Tutone
02 Whiskey Woman - Whitford/St. Holmes Band
03 Tell That Girl To Shut Up - Holy And The Italians
04 She Talks In Stereo - Gary Myrick And The Figures
05 Pretty In Pink - The Psychedelic Furs
06 Messages - OMD
07 Just The Way I Like It - Billy Thorpe
08 Hit And Run - Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons
09 Thinking Of You - Halrequins
10 Rock Against Romance - Holly And The Italians
11 Guess Who - The Hitmen


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