Friday, February 22, 2008

Johnnie Ray - Cry 7" - 1953

Before writing anything else about Johnnie Ray or either of these songs I just have to point out that the first one starts off with an "ooo-ah" and the second song starts off with a similar sounding "oooooo" from backup singers. I find it funny because it really goes to show that when a producer or an artist find a formula that works, they so often repeat the same elements.
Such was the case here. "Cry" was a huge hit for Johnnie Ray. The song was produced by Mitch Miller of "Sing along with Mitch" fame. The backup vocals are the equally notable Four Lads. The follow up to this monstrous hit was "The Little White Cloud That Could" and so you can see they tried to recapture the magic of "Cry" The song is very similar.
In doing some research on Johnnie Ray I discovered that he was practically deaf. I find that amazing because the vocals on "Cry" are electric. When he starts into the second verse her lets out such power and emotion that the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. His voice pierces you and it is like static electricity shooting through you. Give it a try.

01 Cry.mp3
02 The Little White Cloud.mp3

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