Sunday, February 10, 2008

Porter Wagoner - What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen 7"

This first song is kind of like Country version of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. You remember the song. The one with Robin Williams in the video. Anyways I make that connection not because it musically resembles that song at all. I say that because the basic theme of the song is to not worry about things you have no control over and just live your life. Worrying about those things as this song says, "won't do no good". That's Porter's double negative, not mine.

Musically the song is happy and catchy. It has one of those fun back up singers that I love in so much of the country music of this time.

The B-Side is from the same album and is written by Dolly Parton. I've written here before about my love of Dolly. She of course is how I got introduced to Porter's work. Anyways, typical of many of Dolly's songs, the lyrics are beautiful and full of great imagery. I don't know enough about Dolly's work to know if she ever recorded this song as well. If she did I'm sure it is even more beautiful. Until I get an answer to that question I have this recording. Hope everyone likes it.

01 What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen.mp3
02 Little Bird.mp3

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