Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Adventures Of G.I. Joe - 1975

Today I'm taking a little vacation from the music with this G.I. Joe story album. It's pretty good for a laugh.

I didn't have this record as a kid, but I did have a Batman and Superman story album from Peter Pan. I loved that record. This is in the same vein.

I bought the record in hopes of finding some comedy gem for Halloween with the "Secret Of The Mummy's Tomb". I think there may be an excerpt that I can use on this year's Halloween mix. We'll see.

The other two stories are also great. "The Secret Mission to Spy Island" is pretty funny. There is a bit where Joe is cornered and he sets a time bomb and then to stall for time he and the Russians get into a bit of an Abbott and Costello routine. Then when the bomb does go off isn't so big that it injured Joe, who is only a few feet away from the Russians that he blows up, but it is big enough to set off a volcano on the island that blows up the whole island.

"The Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters" is equally good in it's absurd, yet inventive climax. The story involves Joe rescuing the "Prime Minister" off an island of headhunters. What country the Prime Minister is from is never stated and why the Prime Minister would be flying to meet Joe and his buddy Mike at Adventure Team headquarters is also just blown over. Anyways, in the end Joe sends in his remote control adventure vehicle to scare the headhunters and he asks Mike to broadcast something really loud. Mike plays some crazy go-go music which scares the headhunters. Then the last lines of the story go something like this.

Mike: You forgot to thank me.
Joe: For what?
Mike: For my record collection.

How great is that? A record collection saved the day. I'm sure you can understand why I love this ending. Maybe someday my record collection will be used to save a head of state. I can only hope.

So put on you PJ's get some popcorn and maybe your favorite G.I. Joe figure and have fun with this G.I. Joe trilogy.


01 The Secret Of The Mummy's Tomb.m4a
The whole thing here.

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