Thursday, February 7, 2008

Iggy And The Stooges - I'm Sick Of You 7"

Here is a true legend of rock. I of course can't even try to compete with all the writing that has been done on Iggy. If for some reason you're not up on who Iggy is and his impact, leave this blog and go do a google search to get up to speed. If you don't like reading, then just sample these three cuts to begin your education.
"I'm Sick Of You" starts of remarkably subdued for an Iggy song, but then it gets going. The iconic Stooges guitars start to tear it up. Iggy lets loose and the next thing you know you're in noise heaven.
"Tight Pants" is a Stonesy/punkish number complete with hand claps and a healthy dose of swagger.
"Scene Of The Crime" also has all the elements of a great Stooges song. Iggy's vocal delivery drips with snotty attitude. Again the shreddy garagy guitars. There is also a great driving bass underneath everything and lastly someone is just pounding on the piano. Truly "Jerry Lee Lewis style pounding.
I know Iggy is still about and still performing, but I really wish I could have seen him back in the 70's with The Stooges. From the archive footage I've scene and recordings like this I can tell that his shows must have been an amazing electrifying experience. I imagine it had all the energy of a hard core punk rock show mixed with some truly great song craft and showmanship. It is just hard to imagine or know how to compare it to something today.

01 I'm Sick Of You.m4a
02 Tight Pants.m4a
03 Scene Of The Crime.m4a


Anonymous said...

What a character this guy has always been, huh, Spencer? So in your face with his music and it's interpretation on stage. Some of you younger readers may remember the Ewan McGregor character in the '98 film Velvet Goldmine (w/ Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Christian Bale) that was sort of based on Iggy. Great mention of these three songs!

Spencer said...

Ed, I think you are pretty much the only one who reads and writes back. Thanks. I actually got one other comment from someone, but other than that it's just you and me.

Let me know if there are any artists or genres you'd like to see up here.