Monday, February 25, 2008

Sleater-Kinney - You're No Rock N' Roll Fun 7"

When I first looked at this record as a possible record to post I thought this is too new of a record, but then I realized that the record is almost 8 years old. It came out as a single for "All Hands On The Bad One" which came out in 2000. I'd say that is old enough to warrant a posting.

In getting ready for this post I of course listened to the two tracks on the record. The impression that really hit me hard is how much these songs feel like they belong to and by that I mean they sound like they are from the height of the whole Seatle sound grunge thing. That really shouldn't be surprising given the Sleater-Kinney formed in Washington around 1992. The funny thing is that 7 years later long after grunge had died they were making records that perfectly embodied the spirit of that movement. At least to me they were.

I didn't really discover Sleater Kinney until the 21st Century. Actually it was probably shortly after this record came out. If you like these tracks I highly recommend going out and buying their CD's. You won't be disappointed. They have a great indie vibe and some of the tracks are full over gut wrenching honesty and passion.

"You're No Rock 'N Roll Fun" is a great song. It has a fun memorable hook. It is just a nice pop song really which an indie aesthetic. It kind of reminds me of the Breeders. It also reminds me of a little of Belly Tanya Donelly's band. You don't ever hear much about Belly these days, but I remember liking their record back in the day. That "Feed the Tree" single certainly was hooky. But I digress. This song is also catchy and will get caught in your brain.

"Maraca" is pretty good. It is a big more complicated and maybe has more emotion and to it. It has more interesting harmonies and an interesting give and take with the two vocals. Nice stuff.


01 You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun.mp3
02 Maraca.mp3

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