Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ray Coniff Singers - A Spoonful Of Sugar 7"

If you ever wondered what exactly "sickenly sweet" means, then this record if for you. I'm going to have trouble even describing what you'll hear when you listen to "A Spoonful of Sugar" here, but I'll try and break it down. First of all the song is basically about sugar. So the topic is sweet. Then if you recall the original from Mary Poppins it is a pleasantly sweet song. I mean you can't get a much sweeter voice than Mary Poppins can you? But then this adds this extra layer of sweet in not only the choral vocals, but the arrangement is even happier than the original if you can imagine that. This sounds like the cute little puppets in Small World came to life and were hired to sing this song. Now that is a lot of sweet. So much sweet that you may even feel a little sick. Hense sickenly sweet.

Another a thing that kills me about this song is the new lyrical intro.
Oh Mary Poppins is her name Oh Mary Poppins is her name She flies through the air with her umbrella And if you get a chance to go You ought to try to see the show You'll hear This song It's one you're sure to know

You'll hear it and just ask "what the hell?" Where did those cheese ball lyrics come from. Then if you're like me you think who cares, I'm just glad I've had the chance to hear them because I wouldn't have believed it.

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is of course similar in vein. I think it may cross the sickenly sweet line and venture into land of being offensive to the ears. The blanding out of phrasing and the colorful accents from the original may be a little too much for some people. I don't know that I could argue. But if you're one for hearing oddities and trainwrecks then you may enjoy this. To me this sounds like super white people making an already white guy song even whiter.

So take a moment to forget everything you remember about the original Mary Poppins and give these two a listen.


01 A Spoonful Of Sugar.m4a
02 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.m4a

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