Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lou Monte - Sings Songs For Pizza Lovers

One Saturday several years ago the family and I were at my son's baseball game. For some reason I got sent home or sent on an errand alone. Me alone on a Saturday with where garage sales were blooming was trouble. On the way back to the field I stopped by a moving sale. Usually I'd stop check to see if they had records and I'd be on my way because usually they wouldn't. However on this particular day I stumbled upon a family who loved music and the sale had not been pillaged by other record buyer. They had a couple hundred records for sale. I was giddy. I thumbed through the records and I think I pulled about 60 records. Most everything was pop vocal music from the 50's and 60's. The family must have been Italian because they had quite a few Italian artists. Lots of Frank and Dean with a fair share of Connie Francis. They also had several records by Lou Monte, who at that point I was ignorant of. Well, I can't tell you much about any of the other records I bought that day, because none of them stick out like the discovery of Lou Monte. I bought this record, a live record and I think one or two others. It's hard to remember for sure because since then I've bought a few other Lou Monte records. These records instantly became some of my most cherished records. I digitized them and we played the CD's in the family car constantly. I'm sure to post the other LP's in the future.

As for the songs, well, every single one is great. No ifs, ands or buts, about it. I particularly love when Lou dips into Italian. Makes you feel like your listening to the genuine article. Highlights are "The Sheik Of Araby", "Calypso Italiano" "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd A Baked A Cake" (he change the lyric to "baked a pizza") and "Eh Marie! Eh Marie!". The back up singers in "Eh Marie" are sooooo gooood. You just hear songs like this anymore. I better stop now because I could write about each song, but that would just take up a lot of blog space and take away from you listening to the songs, which you should do immediately. So cook up your favorite Italian dish, get you Italian/English dictionary and enjoy the entertainment stylings of Lou Monte.


Emil said...

Please look for more of Lou Monte's CDs. It's sad that such a great musician is now forgotten by most of people. Keep up your great work!

Jon said...

Any chance you can send me links to your Lou Monte albums? Please email me directly.