Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Johnny And The Hurricanes - Reveille Rock "

I bought this record not really know what I was getting. I thought "Johnny And The Hurricanes" that sounds fun. The record also looked like it had been played to death. And just as a forewarning, it sounds like it, so don't complain.

The funny thing is that once I put the record on I was like "I know this song" and I had the same reaction when I turned the record over. I don't mean that I knew "Red River Rock" because it was just the song "Red River" done in a rock instrumental. I mean that I had heard both of these songs many times in movies and commercials. In fact the very first thing that came to mind when listening to "Red River Rock" was is that song from one of those infomercials selling oldies collection of CD's. I think this song was featured many times over the years in TV commercials selling mail order oldies collection. Why? Because the song is just catchy as all get out and makes you feel good.

"Reveille Rock" is is also very catchy using that bugle call melody and throwing it into a raveup instrumental that really cooks. Once it starts it never lets up. The song really does its job if the job is to wake you up. So I recommend downloading this song and load it into your I-pod. Then set your I-Pod timer to wake you up in the morning the this number. I think it will certainly chase the sleep away and get you going in the morning.


01 Reveille Rock.mp3
02 Red River Rock.mp3

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