Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Cure - In Between Days 7"

I'll be honest right up front. The Cure is one of my favourite bands. Definitely in my top 5. I also recognize that these songs aren't rare and you can find them easily. This B-side was on the "Staring At The Sea" cassette and was release in recent years on the Rhino 4 disc boxset of B-sides and rarities. Worth every penny if you are any sort of Cure fan.
But there maybe those out there that aren't as fanatical and may not know how great this band is. This single is soooooo goooood. The A-Side is one of the great Cure singles. It is a perfect pop song. For me it also brings up great memories of my youth being at the Chicago Blowout skateboard competition where Tony Hawk skated to this song. The B-side "The Exploding Boy", though is also great. I don't mean great for a B-side, it is just great. This is one of those times where you shake your head asking how this cut didn't make it onto an album. Why is this a B-side? As you get into The Cure you find that this actually happens a lot with them. They just write great songs. They write too many great songs and so they have to put some songs on singles. There are only a few bands in my opinion that can do this consistently and The Cure is at the top of my list. Hence the reason I buy all their singles and why I recommend that "Connect The Dots" boxset. And to drive the point home even further I have to say that this song is probably one of my favourite songs. That list of course is pretty good, but that is the nature of making a favourites list by The Cure.

01 In Between Days.m4a
02 The Exploding Boy.m4a


shlepcar said...

You are right about the number of great b-sides they put out on their singles. I can't remember what single it is from, but "A Few Hours After This" or is it moments...that is a great one. I love your site! Thank you.

Spencer said...

Oddly enough that song was a B-side on the 12" version of this single. The 12" had 2 B-sides, "THe Exploding Boy" and "A Few Hours After This". You can find it as part of the "Join The Dots" box set, which is great by the way.

Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. The feedback is much appreciated. Things have slowed down lately, but I promise to pick things back up again when I sort out some other projects in my life.

I also hope you are aware of the new Cure record coming out next week. I'm very excited.