Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bar-Kays - Stuck By You 12" - 1989

I'm really feeling guilty about how much I've been neglecting this blog. I'm so glad for all the digitizing I did last summer in prep for these busy times. Now I just need to remember to take a few minutes every now and again to write something up. I try to do it every few days, but lately few days have been turning into once a week. I apologize.

On tap for today are Bar-Kays. Can't remember where I found this 12". The cover is pretty beaten up, but the record sounds pretty clean. This is some good 80's R&B/Electro Funk. Has a little bit of a Cameo feel to it. I don't personally remember the song. I was into different music in 1989, but I enjoy giving this a spin every once in while these days.


01 Struck By You (12_ Mix).m4a
02 Struck By You (Dub Mix).m4a
03 Struck By You (7_ Mix).m4a
04 Struck By You (A Capella).m4a
05 Your Place Or Mine.m4a

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