Monday, February 16, 2009

The Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl 7" - 1985

If memory serves me correct, this song may be the most responsible for bringing the term "fly" into the mainstream. You may argue the Beastie Boys did it, but this was from the year before, so I'm giving The Boogie Boys credit. Sure it was around before, but this song really hit the main steam and then network television writers started putting it in dialog to sound hip and street. It's funny how the moment street slang hits the ears of TV writers they popularize it and therefore make it unstreet. I think I purposely avoided the term after this song for that very reason. Now however who cares. I say use "fly" as much as possible. In fact I'd say this song is fly. And if you can't handle the very 80's rap, then just listen to the dub.


01 A Fly Girl (Edit).m4a
02 A Fly Girl (Dub).m4a

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