Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Agression - Don't Be Mistaken - 1983

Sorry I've been absent for like a week. I've been busy with a new venture relating to my old skateboard team, Team SAP. Yes, that is where the name comes from. I've been doing a lot of scanning or artwork and photos and setting up some things on facebook. Anyways, all that nostalgia for skating in the 80's prompted me to post something kind of related.

Agression was a skate punk band from the 80's. Really, just every song on this record blazes and still holds up great. If you are too young to remember any of these days, and all you know are the highly publicized hard core bands from the time, they I highly recommend checking these guys out. You don't see a lot of Agression shirts at Red Zone or Hot Topic, but these guy deserve to be remembered just the same.


01 It Can Happen.m4a
02 Brain Bondage.m4a
03 Non Person.m4a
04 Body Count.m4a
05 Money Machine.m4a
06 No Mercy.m4a
07 Don't Be Mistaken.m4a
08 Intense Energy.m4a
09 S.A.T.C..m4a
10 Locals Only.m4a
11 Insomnia.m4a
12 Secret Sex.m4a
13 Stop This Clock.m4a
14 Cat Killer.m4a

And the whole thing here. Agression - Don't Be Mistaken.zip

P.S. if you have any interest in checking out what Team SAP was all about or even just the artwork come check out the Team SAP facebook group.


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Cool SAP mission statement. It's you, indeed!

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Hey, any chance of a re-up please?