Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gamma - Gamma II - 1980

I picked this bad boy up solely based on the cheese ball cover. That means no matter what I was getting what I paid for. I wanted the cover and I got the cover. There was no gamble at all. What is great in situations like that is when the music turns out to rock your socks off.

I didn't know anything about Gamma, but after putting the record on and hearing some great rock and roll I had to do some reading. What I found was that Gamma was a project by old Ronnie Montrose. Now I would say I'm a casual fan of Montrose. My fandom comes mostly from the early Montrose with Sammy Hagar who I actually really love. I hadn't listened to much Montrose until the last year or so and I have to say I love that first record. So in a way I was not surprised to learn that Ronnie was the brains behind this project. It was good straight a head rock and roll. Think Bad Company or Rainbow (Down To Earth era), or early Foreigner perhaps.

Here is what has to say about the record. Click here.


01 Mean Streak.m4a
02 Four Horsemen.m4a
03 Dirty City.m4a
04 Voyager.m4a
05 Something In The Air.m4a
06 Cat On A Leash.m4a
07 Skin And Bone.m4a
08 Mayday.m4a

The whole thing in one zip file.
Gamma - Gamma


Matracas said...

Any possibility that your files could be mp3 & not m4a?
Just asking.
Thanks for all the great posts...a lot of obscure stuff. I'm actually interested in the Gamma LP.

Spencer said...

Sorry about the m4a files. Basically anything that I've been ripping in the last year or two has been m4a, because it is a better format. Especially for vinyl I like it because the mp3 format adds a second or two or silence at the end of each track. When I rip a record I want the pops and crackles between the songs to remain consistent and don't want to have 2 seconds added to each song.

You can easily convert them to mp3 with itunes.

Hope you enjoy the record.

Mad D said...

Thanks for the post, and the effort. I've got a "best of" CD, but this was one of my favorite albums and I've been dying to get a digital copy.

Mad D said...

There are several programs that will convert the M4A to MP3. I used the Youtube Downloader, which also contains a built in file to file coverter. It's free, easy, and works great. You can find it here.