Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quarterflash - Quarterflash - 1981

I digitized this record a couple months ago and I've been taking my own sweet time photographing the cover and processing the tracks. But then I watched the Tony's last week which lead me to the soundtrack to Rock Of Ages. That's the new Broadway musical will all 80's hard songs. One of the tracks is "Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash. Hearing that seemed like a sign to get this puppy up and out there.

However the full story to posting this record isn't all just Broadway. My real inspiration is that the record is really good. To be honest I've had the record for years, but whenever it took a turn on the turntable, I just played the hits "Harden My Heart" and true gem of the record "Find Another Fool". I mean after "Find Another Fool" there isn't much reason to continue on the record because it is so great. At least that was my thinking for years. For whatever reason I gave the whole record a little closer listen recently and I found that a quite dug a few other tracks on here. I thought that there were probably plenty of folks who never heard these tracks and would also like to hear them, since they will never get radio play.

The first true treasure on this record is "Valerie" which is on side one. The song is a perfect power pop tune and should have been a huge hit. If it had been released today I think it would have been, however the subject of a lesbian crush I don't think was as accepted amongst mainstream music back in 1981. Post Katy Perry, no one would even blink. If anyone is looking to cover a song I would nominate this as a great choice. The song also, if sung by a male singer would also still work great. It is just a well crafted song.

"Try to Make It True" which closes out side one is another really good song. It features some of that signature saxophone. I can't believe I've gone this far in a post about Quarterflash and not even mentioned the saxophone. There probably is a list somewhere of great bands with saxophone and Quarterflash should definitely be on that list. I wish it were used more these days. It was definitely big in the 80's.

Side 2 has a couple songs I like, "Right Kind Of Love" (more sax) and "Love Should Be So Kind". They are definitely not as strong as the selections on side 1, but they are worth a couple listens.

And before closing out I guess I should make some mention of the first two tracks. The only things I have to say as on a completely personal note. They will always bring strong memories of my elementary school days. 1981 and 5th grade is when I started to get my own taste in music branching out from my parents' music. I fell in love with rock music and other than girls, it became my latest obsession. I spent all my allowance on buying tapes from Flipside Records and buying blank tapes to record songs off the radio. Quarterflash was there at the beginning of this journey and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Okay, enough of the schmaltz.


01 Harden My Heart
02 Find Another Fool
03 Critical Times
04 Valerie
05 Try To Make It True
06 Right Kind Of Love
07 Cruisin' With The Deuce
08 Love Should Be So Kind
09 Williams Avenue


Matracas said...

I remember one of my buddies from my circle of friends bought this LP back in the day and it was strange 'cause we were more into Scorpions, Rainbow & Def Leppard. I remember taping only the 3 hit songs (60 min. Memorex tape). It is still lying around in my music collection.

Spencer said...

I think "Find Another Fool" can hold it's own against Scorps, and Def Leppard and definitely Rainbow at that time. It rocks my socks off.