Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sparks - Fingertips 12" - 1986

Man oh man has time flown by. It has been some crazy busy weeks at work. For the past few months my work on this blog goes a little something like this. I do all the digitizing and photographing and all the processing at home on the weekends. Then I use my fast internet connection at work to upload music and use my lunch hour time to set up future posts and to actually write the posts. The big hiccup this month has been the time at work. It's been long hours and working through lunch. Well, today I'm putting my foot down and writing this early in the morning before I go to work, because I have a feeling today is just going to be another one of those days.

So I chose Sparks because for whatever reason, they've come up on my Ipod a few times in recent weeks. Not necessarily these songs, but songs like "Shrelock Holmes" and "I Predict" from a few years earlier. If you are just casually familiar with Sparks' works from the early 80's you probably have a feeling for what you expect to hear. I did. However this isn't really anything like those songs I mentioned a few sentences ago. "Fingertips" is a big electro dance club song in the vain of "Dead Or Alive" or maybe even "Erasure". There is even a crazy falsetto voice thing going on that reminds me of Scissor Sisters work.

"The Scene" is really interesting to me because there is a synth riff in it that sounds so much like a lot of the synth riffs to come circa 1992 when the rave craze really hit it's stride. If you are familiar with Moby's work from around that time and some of the other hyper fast electonic rave music I'm sure you will recognize the rhythm in the opening of this song. I should say also that while this song is pushing toward the future of electronic music, it is also more recognizeble as having some of the flavors of Sparks from the past. It is an interesting combination.

So give it a listen and hopefully you are pleasantly surprised. Then get up and dance.


01 Fingertips (Extended Club Mix).mp3
02 The Scene (Special Club Mix).mp3
03 Fingertips (Short Version).mp3

As a post note, you should also know that I finished this year's Halloween mix a few weeks ago. I am very excited about it. With things going the way they are , that could very well be my next post in a week or so. So start getting into the mood, because the spooky songs are coming.

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