Saturday, June 12, 2010

SAP Music Summer Mix 2010

Time for another mix. This is an attempt at a summer mix and for the first time this summer mix is not just a playlist. I've tried to actually do some mixing and editing to create something original and hopefully fun. I'm not sure that I'm successful every time, but hey this is a learning process for me. I'm still figuring out what works and what doesn't work. Some songs have obvious summer connections in their lyrics. There are a lot of instrumentals on this mix and so the summer connection is more subjective. I kind of picked ones that I thought gave me a summer vibe. There are also some tracks that are kind of a stretch, like the string of songs about cities burning. Living in Southern California, fires seem to be a part of ever summer so it kind of makes sense. There are also some experiments with editing that I'll be honest I just got caught up in the whole editing experiment thing and thought it came out okay so I kept it on here. I reasoned to myself that they were still catchy and or danceable so they felt like summer tracks. I'm sure you'll figure out which ones they are because you'll shake your head wondering why they are on here at first.

So I'm not listing of posting individual tracks. You can read the listing on the image for the tracks and you can download the entire mix. The tracks and artists have been labeled there accordingly. The images also should be large enough to print. I've included them in the zip file just in case you want to burn a CD.

SAP Music Summer Mix

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