Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leadbelly - The Legend Of Leadbelly

In the mood for some old time blues? This record will fit the bill. Anyone familiar with any sort of blues history knows the name Leadbelly. He holds a place next to Robert Johnson as far as being a legendary blues man. This record is a collection of songs he recorded for Alan Lomax. The record jacket says 8 of the recordings were made in New York in 1939, but it doesn't say which 8. I'm guessing the remaining couple songs were recorded around the same time. Leadbelly died in 1949 according to quite a few sources on the internet. The funny thing is that on the back of this record it says he dies a pauper in 1941. Makes me wonder why the date is so off.

Many of these songs you may recognize. A song like "In New Orleans" you may recognize as "House Of The Rising Son" which The Animals made hugely popular. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" you will recognize as a song Nirvana covered on their Unplugged record.

Every track is great on this record is great. Each one is filled with heart and soul. Each oozes the blues.

I like playing this album loud in the house. The songs echoing through the hallway are kind of haunting. You can feel the sense of time because of the aged quality of the recordings, and yet they feel very live. It is like a ghost voice from the past echoing through the house. I love it. Maybe you will to.


01 In New Orleans
02 Goodnight Irene
03 Where Did You Sleep Last Night
04 How Long (With Sonny Terry)
05 John Hardy
06 When The Boys Were On The Western Plains
07 Pretty Flower In Your Backyard
08 Roberta
09 I've A Pretty Flower (With Josh White)
10 Yellow Gal

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